Lets talk – Ageing faces!

Lets talk – Ageing faces!

I totally get that age is just a number and its never too late to start the life you want to live. However, someone needs to tell that shit to my skin and joints because ageing is real and it happens overnight! Well maybe not overnight but it does sneak up on your arse quickly and when you least expect it. Ok so I may only be 33 but the damage you do in your twenties speeds shit up, I might have spent my late teens and entire twenties partying harder then The Rolling Stones combined with about as much travelling, no regrets though!!!! Not to mention the fact that I smoke, yes I know its not been cool since 1995 but I enjoy it so I am not about to stop regardless of how unpopular that makes me.

The truth is when it comes to my body I am consistently torn between “you need to love your body, it the only place you have to live” and “YOLO”, so you can see my problem. I want a smooth wrinkle-free face, my boobs to stay still when I lay down and the grey hairs to come through a little slower. However, at the same time I want to take risks, I want to stay up all night partying, I want to travel the world with only a backpack. However, it would seem you can’t do both and if it is a choice between the two, I am definitely not changing anything other than my concealer.  Because ageing happens and it is a privilege that some don’t get.

So next time you see a new grey hair or the start of a new wrinkle or even your first don’t see it as a negative because these things happen they show you are living your life. I will not be happy until I am a little old lady with a face full of laughter lines and a hundred stories to tell. I think the most important thing is to look after your health and enjoy for life after all do you really want to use your money on trying to keep yourself looking younger or do you want to use that money to explore the world?

Certainly don’t be hard on yourself because some celebrity is twice as old as you and look younger than you or there’s someone on Instagram with a perfectly old smoother face than yours. We simply all age differently, we are all living different lives and we all approach ageing differently and that’s ok, we are all beautiful. So be kind to yourself and say kind words to others, however, if any of you know where the fountain of youth is let me know!

And until the fountain of youth is discovered I will be wearing a push-up bra, 6 layers of concealer under my eyes and my hairdresser in a job! So enjoy your lie to the full and embrace the next stage!



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