What I ate Wednesday // 008

What I ate Wednesday // 008

Does anyone else remember that moment in a new relationship when you eventually look in a mirror and think “fuck I’m going out with a feeder”! Cause I’m there! How is it that at the start of relationships we gain so much weight. I am now the proud owner of an extra 8lbs of relationship weight! Thank you, Alex! Ok so maybe Alex is not to blame, maybe it’s all those meals out, takeaways with a movie and general “hey now we are a couple let’s eat shit together”. But wait all that sounds amazing and this is the oh crap moment! You don’t want to gain any more weight but you also don’t want the cute couple stuff to end either. People, the struggle is real, I want to look sexy in my underwear but I also want to impress him with my Haribo eating skills, oh crap!

So I realised I had a problem when recently I had to buy a new outfit that was a size bigger than normal. In 6 months I have gained a dress size. Ok, so you might be thinking that’s hardly bad but on the other hand that could actually be two dress sizes in the next six months. I think when you have been a lot bigger in the past its a lot easier to realise that it is a quick slippery slope to falling into old habits.

So last week I decided it’s time to make a change, it’s time to regain my health say no to the Haribo (*dies a little inside). We are planning a summer trip to Italy this year and I don’t want to be self-conscious of taking holiday pictures, I want to wear little strappy dresses without my bingo wings swaying in the wind. And I want to take some sexy underwear and have breakfast in bed.

I can’t say I have been a 100% perfect but there has certainly been a massive improvement. So here’s what I ate last Saturday, which was a long arse 28 hours awake kinda day, so a lot of food was eaten!


Breakfast: Eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and half an avocado.

I bloody love breakfast, by far the best meal of the day and the most colourful. I absolutely can’t stand cereal or any form of meat for breakie. In fact the more veggies I have at breakfast the better I feel. I also find that if I start the day with a healthy breakfast I am more inclined to stick t healthy eating all day. Unfortunately, if I have an unhealthy breakfast I tend to eat crap all day.


Snack one: Cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks.

Probably the least exciting snack ever and I had a face like a smacked arse while eating them but I kept reminding myself that they were much better for me than reaching for sweets or chocolate. Not that it helped in the slightest.


Lunch: (Sorry for the most unappealing image, ever) Spinach and ricotta pasta with veggies and feta cheese.


Dinner, number one: Sweet potato, mozzarella, sprouted pea and bean salad with half an avocado and feta cheese.

I actually had this for two dinners in a row because it was bloody good!


Snacks: Lots of snacks!

So after being awake all day I ended up doing a ten-hour night shift, which needed a lot of snacks to get through the night. A lot of snacks however a lot better than reaching for a mars bar at 3am to keep me going!


Dinner two: Spinach and ricotta pasta with veggies and feta cheese with an egg.

So this happened at 3am and was definitely needed, I was flagging and ready for bed! There is absolutely no way I could have gotten through the night without carbs, in fact, I can’t get through life without carbs.

There is everything I ate through Saturday/Sunday morning, which is more than usual for the fact I was awake for so long.

Drink wise there was:

Costa cappuccino
4x White coffees
3 Litres of water.

I am more than happy with what I have eaten, usually, I would have a maccies or take away on a Saturday not to mention some pretty unhealthy snacks. So although what I actually ate might not have been perfect and lack of sleep was definitely not good, there was still a massive improvement. Sometimes that’s all there needs to be, after all, everyone’s weight loss journey is different and under no circumstance should we get on our high horses about what someone ate. It’s about encouragement and guidance, not judgement or criticism. I don’t struggle to lose weight while still eating carbs, whereas some people do, it’s about listening to your own body and doing what feels right for you. Take inspiration from others but know you might have to teak it for yourself.

Also sorry for the crap pictures, next weeks will be much better, looking at these I don’t know how I ate them!!!


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