Its all in the name!

Its all in the name!

Recently Ineffabless asked if I would like to work with them, after a good few hours of research, yes I research all brands that want to work with me. imagine just saying yes to everything because you just want free stuff. Then finding out some pretty bad things about a company or a brand. That life is not what I am about. If I can I will find the directors mother on facebook and see what she’s all about it, I could never recommend something that I didn’t 100% believe in. So rest assured for the rest of this blog post there are no unethical goings on and no shady mother lurking in the background, just beautifully made jewellery at affordable prices.


So I looked at their range and its a bloody big range of jewellery before falling in love with the Carrie necklace because if you are a woman of a certain age then you will know that sex and the city is life! And there is no way you could not get the Carrie necklace. The second I put it on I instantly became more sassy and decided with my Carrie necklace I needed her wardrobe (I already have her men troubles). The right piece of jewellery can change your whole outfit and absolutely boost your confidence. Everyone stops me to ask where I got it from! And I have put it through its paces, once I find a necklace I love I never take it off, this poor necklace has already been pulled, tugged and had to deal with getting caught in my hair. Luckily it is beautifully crafted and my accident prone arse hasn’t damaged it. To be honest I am more than impressed with the quality, there seems to be a massive trend in online jewellery with some not actually living up to the hype!! Luckily this is not one of those companies, I have just found my new favourite place to buy some special pieces!


And if this isn’t your style they have a huge selection of name jewellery, there is definitely a piece for all tastes. Or maybe rose gold necklaces are your thing, then don’t worry they have a beautiful selection for you to pick from!!!!

Go check out Ineffabless on Instagram or Twitter for some beautiful jewellery, you won’t be sorry!!!


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