Is it bedtime yet???????

Is it bedtime yet???????

Hey beautiful people!

So in my last blog post, I wrote about needing a break from blogging, which ended up turning into a much longer break then I thought it was going to be.

“So towards the end of last year, I was getting totally burnt out, 2017 was an emotional year for me. I started the year engaged to someone, broke up, moved house, met someone, broke up, changed jobs, gave the guy a second chance and swapped jobs again all whilst looking for another place to live. It’s safe to say I embraced change in 2017!”

And bloody hell it was needed, the break wasn’t about being sad or unhappy it was about needing time, time to grow, time to rest and time to spend with loved ones. Regardless of all the things you want out of your life, life around you still goes on, families grow, people change and people disappear and as much as I am focused on my dreams and goals I am not about to do it at the expensive of the people that have believed in me when others said I couldn’t. Part of 2017 was to get my dream job without any experience or the correct qualifications, within 4 days of applying for a job which would start that journey, I got it. It took only four days to get the one thing I had been dreaming of but was too scared to start. I knew I would have to travel, currently, I commute an hour, either way, I also knew the hours would be long especially while I was learning (remember no experience). So you can imagine after waking at 5am, getting to work for 7am and not getting back home until 7.30pm that I am ready to just relax, certainly couldn’t think about writing blog posts. Unfortunately relaxing hasn’t been an option for me either, I wanted to see my sister and niece, spend time with my brother and try and maintain a relationship with Alex, as well as trying not to be the worlds shittest friend. Not to mention I have a Saturday job too, to help with petrol, so this journey all started in September, the last six months have been long and intense. I am literally sleeping when I can and trying my hardest to create a work/life balance, but I am not perfect, there are times I have to let people down because all I can think about is sleep or a deadline. But every day I am trying, I am still incredibly happy, and thankful in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined this to be my life it just that I am bloody tired! So the last few months I have been choosing to spread my time with loved ones, I have been spending my time looking after myself, the best I could and I have been trying my hardest not to let my life just pass me by!

And if I wasn’t tired enough already I have taken on some amazing projects and am working on becoming freelance on top of my already weighty job, it would seem I have a problem, I just can’t stop working. But back to me disappearing, well you don’t have to keep looking any more, I am back, still tired but back with what is going to be an incredible year for me, which includes four holidays, because I need rest and because you need blog posts, I am going to open up more about my personal life, yep there is more! I am also going to keep doing even more of the things I love. My work/life balance isn’t perfect yet, but I am now going to bring you along for the journey, I have learnt a lot in the last six months and now I am ready to share all that new knowledge.

For all my lovely followers who have been waiting for me to write again, thank you sooooo much it means the absolute world to me that you have taken your time to come back to my happy little world. And if this is your first time reading my blog, then none of it has probably made any sense to you and you probably think I am a crazy, sleep deprived woman, which I am!!


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