We are now just over a week into the New Year and all I can say is New Year’s resolutions can kiss my chubby ass! For years I have been a slave to creating them, filling the last couple of weeks of December with excitement for all the New Year New Me bullshit. Followed by two weeks in January of big smiles because I finally have my life together, followed by a further two weeks of depression because like every year before I had failed. Which then leads to New Year starts in February, March and April before I decide that the next year will be better and I forget New Year ever happened. Sound familiar? Don’t worry I have your back!

So this year I decided New Year’s resolutions are just not for me because honestly, I love myself exactly the same on January the first as I did on December 31st. So why change me, why put me through misery for the first quarter of the year. Instead, I will make changes to myself as and when I feel fit. The fact I was able to say I love myself the same, heck, the fact that I said I love myself already shows that January without the added extra pressure is already making me happier and more positive.

I am sure by now at least half of you are sick of the lack of biscuits laying around, or listening to all the crash diet information that during January you just can’t escape. As if the cold and the long dark days are not bad enough in January, we are extra miserable trying to do something that we weren’t really bothered about starting at any other time of the year. Its safe to say I am definitely not taking part in dry January or veganuary, not that I think these are bad things but rather something so much more personal than jumping on the bandwagon. If you want to be vegan because you hold strong personal briefs then I fully support and encourage you. You should not be taking part in it because you feel it will add a few more blog posts to your schedule or Instagram followers to your account. As for going dry in January, alcohol abuse is a serious thing and if you believe you drink too much then seek medical advice and real support. Don’t just use it as a reason to post a few more facebook posts.

So instead of making a ridiculously list of resolutions that frankly I just don’t want to do, I have decided that I am going to just try and do as much as possible in 2018. Because who the hell wants to give anything up anyway and if during 2018 I want to lose weight then I will start eating a little healthier and moving a little more. No pressure, no guilt if I fail or fall at the first hurdle. The pressure we put on ourselves during January is ridiculous and ultimately will not make us any happier unless by some miracle you actually manage to stick to what you wanted to do and if you do then I applaud you no end and please let me know what your secret is because honestly, I suck at resolutions. Maybe if I started preparing now for 2019 I might actually have a fighting chance.

So if you are already miserable with them I say just give them up, it’s not failing if you stop doing something you don’t really want to be doing! If anything it’s winning. It’s winning at loving your life and saying sod it and sod everyone who makes you feel bad for stopping.

I am writing this whilst drinking a glass of wine while dining on Haribo and guess what? I feel bloody amazing!



  1. January 9, 2018 / 2:53 pm

    I never make resolutions because I will break them and then I’ll feel bad about myself! Or if I do make them, they are ones I know I can keep. For example, I resolve to drink more wine and ignore people who are assholes!:-)

    • forever1955
      January 9, 2018 / 3:07 pm

      Haha they sound like wonderful ideas to me!!! I’m all for more wine and less assholes!!!

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