By know we should all know that I take cake extremely seriously, in fact I would have my own bakery expect I would end up eating all my profits. Recently dessert place have been popping up all over the place, they are to 2017 what avocados were to 2016. Naturally I have been trying them all, well it would be rude not too. For the dozen that have popped up in a five mile radius of my house (no exaggeration) there is only one that is worth your money.


From the second you step foot through the door of Miss Marmalades in Nantwich, Cheshire you step inside the most wonderful of imaginations. The difference between Miss Marmalades and  all the others popping up in every available space is that Miss Marmalades actually seems to be doing it from having a passion and not trying to make a quick buck from a trend.


Every detail has been address in the most loving of ways from the mouth watering menu to the insane detail in the decor not to mention the fact that they vintage clothing too. Sugar and clothes is my absolute favourite combination. I have visited three times in the last three weeks, more to tripe check that it was as amazing as I remembered and in fact it actually got better with every visit. It is safe to say I am more than a little obsessed.


The decor has some serious full on vintage vibes and not in the awkward i’m trying to hard to look cool way but in the this is overflow my my actual life way. The pieces look like years of hunting and lovingly searching for, not to mention I want my entire house covered in that wallpaper. If they ever decide the cake business isn’t for them then they have a future in interior design and I will be their first client.


Now for the food, brace yourself!!!!!! Hot white chocolate with candy floss and treats pretty sure the cup was as big as my head and I have a big head! And twice as sweet as a Disney film.


The sweet toastie, because we are British and we will put everything and anything into two pieces of bread. I opted for the jam toastie which instantly with the smell took me back to camping with the girl guides and being sat around the camp fire making camp doughnuts. Granted they never looked anything like this beautiful creation but the taste definitely took me back to 1995, God i’m old!


My go to freakshake of choice is Afternoon tea, I’m not a great fan of chocolate, I will always opt for strawberry over chocolate which I get from my dad. And lets face it I am never going to not pick anything that comes with cake, I would probably jump off a bridge if someone said theres cake at the bottom. The shake is probably enough for most people to have as a meal its certainly filling enough. Luckily I am not the average person and the mix of all the sugar and cake makes me want more and more until I am having to sleep through the sugar come down. Its a hard life but luckily sugar gets me through it.


During my last visit I decided to mix it up and opt for a savoury option in the form of a cheese and meat platter for one. With that simple action I may have changed my ordering habits forever, I now feel like it is my duty to work my way through the whole menu, savoury and all.


Of course the weekend specials are not to be missed either, keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page. This very big beaut was this weekends special with the ooh so adorable name “Paddington leaves London on the orient express. Forgets his marmalade sandwich so has a freaking milkshake”. And this freaking milkshake was something special as if the doughnut on top wasn’t enough the selection of mini cakes was insane, including a scone with cream in. Its save to say I now have two choices accept that I am about to gain a lot of weight or get my butt back in the gym and then treat myself with a Miss Marmalade’s freakshake.



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