Top 10 healthy eating habits!

Top 10 healthy eating habits!

If there was ever a time to get my fitness journey back on track then it’s this week, I have been for lack of a better word lazy. I got to a point where I was happy with my body and started to relax, allowing myself extra treats and a few less gym sessions a week. And let’s just say it’s all fun and games until the sunshine graces our British skies and you try in absolute vain to zip up a dress that fit perfectly last summer.

After spending twenty minutes trying to convince myself that the dress must have shrunk over the winter, I finely expected the truth that I had gotten lazy and content with weekend treats and lay ins. With summer already creeping in I thought it best to get back on track and get my larger bust and flatter butt back to the gym because I’m wearing that dress again on my birthday in July no matter what! So it’s time to get back to basics, eat better and move more.


1. Keep hydrated! 

This has always been my biggest downfall, I would love to be one of those women who’s bum looks amazing in leggings and is always carrying a water bottle, I’m envious of how they seem to love drinking water. I look at a water bottle and wonder if any one would notice whether or not I was drinking wine. In a bid to be a grown up and not pull a face at the thought of drinking something without bubbles I have bought some fun unicorn themed bottles so I don’t have an excuse for not staying hydrated.


2. Focus on health! 

When I initially lost all my weight I didn’t ever think about the numbers on the scales or the size of my jeans. I only ever thought about the damage beige processed food was doing to my insides. If there was a food that when you ate it caused you to get a skin rash the chances are you would stop eating it, so why not think about the damage you can’t see. Once I started to think about the negative impacts junk food was having on my health it was super easy to cut the crap out of my diet, which caused natural weight loss.

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3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! 

Usually breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and the main reason why I can jump out of bed at 5am, however recently I have been skipping breakfast which has not only caused a 10am cake habit but I’ve also started eating it at 1pm and 3pm too followed by a take away dinner. I always think if you can start your day with a healthy, yummy breakfast than that encourages you to continue being healthy throughout the day.
Not to mention having breakfast kick starts your metabolism after sleeping all night. And if you ” don’t have time ” there’s no excuse, make overnight oats which can be eaten whilst having your morning coffee. If you can’t eat first thing, believe me you will get used to it.

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4. Plan, plan, plan! 

Not only will planning your meals and snacks stop you dipping into the office biscuit tin, it will also save you a small fortune. The amount of money I have wasted recently is ridiculous, in fact it’s just bloody scary. In the last month of just nipping to the shop I could have probably bought a couple of pairs of new trainers. So I spent last Sunday evening making four weeks worth of meal plans that why I know I don’t have to think about what’s for dinner for a whole month and my bank balance will be a little happier.


5. Embrace your sleeping beauty! 

I’m a massive believer in sleep and getting enough of it, if I have a particularly busy weekend with not a lot of sleep than on Monday morning I wake up feeling bloated and in a real need of a sugar boost, which then sends me into a vicious cake eating cycle. I try my hardest to sleep when I’m tired and wake up naturally so if that means going bed at 9pm and waking at 4am then that’s what I do. My body is pretty good at letting me know what it wants and I definitely don’t need a reason for a early night.


6. Never deprive yourself!

I can’t tell you the number of times in the past that I have deprived myself of a piece of chocolate to only a couple of days later go on a 72 hour chocolate binge. Fitness is all about balance depriving yourself will cause quick weight loss results, however it will also result in quick weight gain when you start eating ” normally ” again.
If I want a piece of chocolate then I will have a piece, I will enjoy it guilt free, but I also know that a piece of chocolate isn’t a whole family size bar.


7. Make healthy swaps! 

Changing your entire diet isn’t easy and sometimes I wouldn’t recommend it overnight. If you are addicted to sugar I would never suggest waking up one day and cutting it out completely, that will leave you with the world’s worst headache for days and leave you to wanting to eat sugar with a tablespoon. Sometimes small changes are better than nothing. Try swapping some products, if you are obsessed with sweets try swapping them for grapes. Swap white bread for wholemeal or sourdough. If you are honest with yourself about what you eat in a day then you could probably make 5 small changes.


8. Keep healthy snacks handy! 

No amount of planning can predict whether or not you will be extra hungry one day and if you find yourself extra hungry don’t ignore that feeling, your body needs extra fuel just know the difference between want and need. If you don’t want a Apple when your hungry then you don’t need to eat you just want to eat. I have stashed healthy snacks everywhere, I have nuts in my car, protein bars at work and there’s apples in my handbag so I have absolutely no excuse.


9. Don’t drink your calories! 

I think this is the hardest one to get your head around! A couple of full fat lattes could be up to half of your daily recommend calorie intake. I love a frappe with whipped cream on but I know how many calories are in each one and how bad cream is for you so I just have one on very special occasions. Then there is your daily glass of wine or pint of beer to consider, it is so easy to waste so many calories on drinks because they don’t feel like food or like treats.


10. Never give up! 

There are going to be days that with all the good intentions in the world that just won’t go to plan and that’s ok, most importantly it’s best not to beat yourself up about these days. If you have a take away with friends, ice cream with the kids or a bottle of wine with family that’s ok just don’t give up on the day. Or if the whole day is ruined start again tomorrow, just don’t wait for the start of a new week.

You can do it, you just need to start!


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  1. April 18, 2017 / 11:50 am

    Keeping hydrated is so, so important for staying healthy!! I do need to work on getting enough sleep though since I tend to go to bed late most days–not sure why but I always get a second wind right before bed and I end up cleaning out my closet or something!

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