What I ate Wednesday // 007

What I ate Wednesday // 007

Everyone has been so good to me, I have been so exhausted recently and trying my hardest to fit everything in. My friends have been cooking for me or asking me out for dinner to get out the house. Not to mention I have been working every second available which has meant lots of shop bought sandwiches and crap. I always eat better when I’m writing about what I eat, you all give me great motivation and keep me super focused. I haven’t gained any weight but I do feel all gross and bloated, thank you high salt content. So it’s time to take my health back and get back into good eating habits and get some bloody fruit and vegetables back into my body. Winter is just around the corner now so I would like this extra bloat to disappear so I can feel comfortable and confident during the Christmas parties. Here is everything I ate on Saturday, it is slightly random as I had a million jobs to do and very little time but I tried my absolute best to eat well and hydrate.


Brunch // I started the day off not to great! I skipped food for breakfast and opted for a large cappuccino from Starbucks before meeting a friend for brunch. Then my day went from bad to delicious with a freakshake at a local cafe. How delicious does my “High tea” shake love, ok so we aren’t going to think too hard about the number of calories in this bad boy. But believe me it was worth every single one. Strawberry milkshake, topped with cream and marshmallows finished over with a slice of homemade Victoria sponge cake on top.


Lunch // Feeling that I needed to balance the freak shake off, me and Amiee headed off in search of lunch. Which came in the shape of a fig, prosciutto and mozzarella salad, it was absolutely delicious and made me feel a lot better after eating such as sugary bunch.


Dinner // I managed to get even more veggies in at dinner with Mediterranean vegetables and feta cheese which is one of my favourite meals. I do try and measure the amount of cheese I use because it doesn’t agree with me, but it’s just so delicious.


Evening snack // I have literally been waiting since Easter eggs left the shops for chocolate santas to appear. Saturday was the first time I had seen them, so naturally I had to have one. I do need to be careful not to get carried away with them and not eat one every single day.

And there you have it! What I ate Wednesday, which is actually what I ate Saturday. Not great, probably not even good but it’s a start and I don’t feel disheartened, tomorrow I will do better and the day after I will do even better.


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  1. October 11, 2017 / 5:26 pm

    Oh my goodness that milkshake looks delicious!!!

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