Going Ape at Go Ape

Going Ape at Go Ape


Just recently I feel like I have had absolutely no time for self caring not that I’m complaining. My life is crazy at the moment and I’m extremely thankful for all the opportunities I have been given. My friends have been insanely supportive in regards to looking after me and understanding that my time focus is all about my new job. I’m at the point now where I’m starting to introduce new ways of living to make sure I have a beautiful healthy balanced lifestyle. Yes I love my job but I’m aware that I need to be able to exercise, socialise and spend some time in nature for myself. I can safely say I have found the most perfect place to get everything I need at once.


Last weekend me and my sister spent the day with Go Ape, experiencing their Tree Top Adventure at Delamere Forest. Oh my goodness I can not recommend Go Ape enough, the day was my first day out in far too long. Not to mention my sister’s first day away from her baby, The day started with a few tears from all of us but by the end we were considering building a tree house and never leaving.


We had absolutely no idea what to expect, what we found was so much more than we could have imagined. The staff are incredible, polite, patient and helpful, which calmed our nervous down no end. The first hour is spent going over equipment, harnesses and safety (I never even considered that we would need to do this). At this point I was more than a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete the course, of which is split into 5 sections. The first is the training course and only a few feet of the ground, no big deal. However the second part is up in the tree tops without a instructor, within two minutes I was ready to give up.


However by the time you conquer the first Tarzan swing, before which I spent five minutes screaming “I can’t do it” before falling throwing myself off the platform. You 100% forget you are in the tree tops, and turn into a big kid on a giant playground.


The views are definitely worth the shakey knees!!! Me and Charlotte were both shocked that we managed to get round without dying or at least giving up. You don’t need to be a fitness junkie to be able to get round the courses but I could definitely see how doing this a couple of times a week would get you fit.


By the last course I was a pro at posing mid obstacle, even to the embarrassment of my sister.


By the end I was sad it was over we could have easily gone round the courses a second time without being bored. Our day was absolutely perfect we couldn’t have asked for a better experience, I found the whole day extra special. It was wonderful to have some bonding time with my sister and we were both happy we found an activity we both loved. In fact we both have decided to give Go Apes Segway course a try next, although I’m a little worried I will die in some kind of freaky segway accident.


I may have put my certificate on the front of my fridge!! We spent five hours playing in the tree tops giggling away and waving at dog walkers below. And now we are both hooked and will be returning as soon as humanly possible. Go Ape experiences are such a great way to keep fit and spend a few hours outdoors, not to mention it helps conquer a few fears. I’m super excited about visiting some of their different sites and trying some different adventures. If you have been toying with the idea of trying a Go Ape adventure but never got around to it or were not sure if you would enjoy. Believe me you will love it, to find your nearest adventure you can check out Go Apes site here.


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