Small happy little moments // 012

Small happy little moments // 012

” We cannot be happy if we expect to live all the time at the highest peak of intensity. Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony “.               – Thomas Merton

It has been a ridiculous amount of time since I have written a happiness post, but believe me when I say I’m happy. In fact I’m the happiest I have ever been and I’m excited about becoming happier. Despite the immense changes my life has been through the last couple of months I have felt more loved them I ever have done. My heart literally feels warm and fuzzy constantly. I can not thank the people in my life enough for their absolute love and support. And not just from family and friends but all you lovely readers, followers on social media, strangers in the street, basically everyone that I have come in contact with.


Dating again // Dating again was a massive step one I wasn’t sure I was ready for. But I took a deep breath and got back on the dating horse. And although I am yet to meet anyone I even want to go on a second date with, I am extremely proud of myself for putting myself back out there! Since turning 33 over the summer my confidence is better than it has ever been and I’m no longer nervous going on first dates. I no longer convince myself that they won’t like me, now I think if they don’t like me than its there problem not mine.


Alisa // There is absolutely nothing in this world that could ever replace the love I feel for this little girl. Not just this little lady but my beautiful sister too, never before have we been so close. Nothing makes me happier than getting cuddles from both of them and on my sad days I know I can curl up on my sister’s lap and she will sit there for hours Stroking my hair and telling me everything is going to be ok. Nothing in this world makes me feel more loved than knowing I have two of the world’s most beautiful human beings in my life.


New Job // So I had just finished my official first week in my new job, a job I have dreamed about having for years. A job I have gotten through sheer persistence and hard work. I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else with my life, I have worked so hard to get where I am. The next six months are probably going to be the hardest of my entire life, and something that I’m extremely looking forward to. I’m so incredibly happy that my new employer decided to take a chance on me.


Leaving my old job // So when my final day finally came round I wasn’t expecting anything, it’s safe to say I didn’t really fit in there. So you can imagine my absolute surprise when I walked in on my final day to my desk being covered in presents, cards, flowers and chocolates. I was so touched that I immediately burst into tears. There was no hate at my job but I really didn’t have anything much in common with many people and never went out on work dos, mainly because I have been so busy blogging. The amount of love and good will I received on my final day just reassured me that I was absolutely doing the right thing and it took any fears about change away.


Manchester graffiti // I am the biggest fan of street art and have absolutely no idea why people dislike it so much. In a world full of concrete and row after row of buildings that look the same, turning a corner and seeing a colourful piece of street art fills me with happiness. It’s like living inside a constantly changing art gallery, street art can change a way a place feels. It is also one of my favourite things about visiting cities.


Moving to Manchester // Living in Manchester has been my dream since I was a teen spending all my pocket money on train tickets just so I could be there for the day. Unfortunately in my twenties I gave men too much power over my life, by thirty I gave up completely on my dream of living there. Now I spend my weekends looking for places to live in the city. It’s safe to say that you are never too old to follow your dreams. Fingers crossed I will be living there by the first of November, I just need to find a place to live.


Spending time with my little brother // Recently my brother has been very poorly and struggling to do everyday things we all take for granted. It was his 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago and he managed to come out and celebrate for a hour. It absolutely breaks my heart to see him in pain, my brother is the kindest, funniest guy I know and recently his light has been dulled. It was amazing to see him out even if it was just for a hour. Despite the fact he is my little brother, he looks after me like he is my big brother, I love him and am truly blessed to have him in my life.


Chalk it up // I live in a tiny town where nothing ever happens and seems to be under a constant grey sky. So when last week I walked into the town centre and saw a large crowd gathered I expected the worse. To my disbelief people where gathered around the most beautiful pieces of art, colourful and made from chalk. Sometimes happiness is unexpected.

And there are just some of the little things that have been making my world beautiful and unique. I am so incredibly lucky to feel happy every single day, something that I don’t at all take for granted.




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  1. September 3, 2017 / 10:14 am

    I’m happy for you, it’s nice to read such a positively loaded post!

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