Fitness challenge!

Fitness challenge!

I am about to upset half of you and excite the rest of you but here goes. There is only 17 weeks until Christmas and only 13 weeks until the party season officially starts…………

From the end of November til the first of January I plan on only wearing items that are backless, black and glittery. Now as much as I am absolutely loving my body at the moment, I have noticed that some of my favourite dresses are getting a bit snug around the waist. Which I’m certainly not loving, not to mention that I have lost control over the wobble in my thighs.

So what better reason to kick my wobbly butt back to the gym then party season! Over the last couple of months my diet has been absolutely shocking, with working so much, being post break up then those first date meals. My diet has been all over the place, opting for whatever is easiest and able to be eaten on the move. Then there has been sleeping over exercise, believe me I’m under no false illusion to why my thighs wobble whenever there is too much base!

I am now settled in my new job and have started to actually stick to some kind of routine in my life. So now it is time to take back my health and get myself moving. With only 13 weeks until I have to slip into a black glittery backless gown it really is time to start.

I will be posting every Friday with a update and you have my permission to tell at me if I miss a post!!!

Wish me luck!


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