Vegan breakfast date

Vegan breakfast date

In a bid to get myself out of this funk ( I’m over thirty, I can use the word funk! ) I seem to have found myself in, I decided to take myself out on a breakfast date. And in a further bid to shake myself back to some kind of normality, I decided I would try a local vegan cafe that I’ve been wanting to visit since it opened. I spent four years during my twenties vegan, unfortunately due to health reasons had to start eating dairy and meat again, although I try extremely hard to limit my intake. I never have meat in my house, and I don’t ever have milk, mainly because I absolutely hate it now.


Extremely sleepy but very happy about actually leaving the house, with make up and a smile on. Sometimes self love is an absolute necessity, I’m a total believer in loving yourself first and taking care of your soul. And although recently I have been extremely sad I have continued to be happy every single day. Because happiness should never come from someone else, it should come from deep inside you, that why your life is filled with love and happiness every day.


I started my breakfast date with a strawberry fields forever smoothie which was filled with strawberries, bananas, almond milk, goji berries and agave. Which was absolutely delicious and filled with flavour, the perfect way to start any day.


Followed by avocado on toast with olive oil drizzled over it, can any breakfast really be a breakfast without an avocado being involved.


And finally and starting to feel a little full I went for the absolutely gorgeous looking granola bowl with vegan yoghurt and fruit. Absolutely my favourite think I had, tasted like heaven, I’m definitely making this at home on Sundays from now on.


I had so much fun on my little self date, sometimes I forget how truly important it is to look after myself mind, body and soul. And eating vegan not only nourishes my body but my soul too. And there is something extremely calming and relaxing about visiting a busy coffee alone with a book and a free morning. I can’t wait to return and try absolutely everything else on the menu and maybe try and recreate them at home. I will definitely be taking myself out for more breakfast dates, maybe even some dinner dates.



    • forever1955
      September 2, 2017 / 4:46 pm

      Thank you so much ❤️

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