After a break up, it’s ok to…………

After a break up, it’s ok to…………

To delete all traces of him from your phone but not before you have stored all pictures to the cloud, written his number down somewhere and screen shot all the messages you want to keep, just in case.
To watch 10 things I hate about you on repeat until you have memorised the speech……..” I hate when you’re not around and the fact that you didn’t call. But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close, not even a bit, not even at all.”


To tell anyone and everyone that will listen that you are off men forever, not falling for that shit again.
To ten minutes later be doing some man shopping on Tinder, you don’t want to actually talk to any of them but window shopping is ok, after all you are off men forever.
To not shower for a couple of days or even run a brush through your hair, chances are you feel like crap and don’t smell much better but its ok after all you don’t plan on ever being close to another human ever again.
To single along in your underwear to any song by Little Mix.
To go to your daddy’s house for some TLC, no one will remind you how special you are and how he didn’t deserve you, like your dad will.
To re-add his details back to your phone before deleting them again, hopefully before you actually use them.
To burst into tears in random places, so what if you’re crying in the middle of a supermarket because Haribo reminds you of him, just make sure you wear waterproof mascara for the first couple of weeks post break up.
To write a ridiculous bucket list of all things you can do now you are single, you just have to live to the grand old age of 135 to get them all done.
Most importantly you need to remember you are beautiful and can get through this, after all there are plenty of men out there that want to break your heart.


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