Better to have loved………….

Better to have loved………….
Firstly I want to thank everyone for their endless amount of love, support and words of wisdom. I have had an incredible amount of messages and emails sending me love and kind words. I’ve had messages from some of you that have been through the same situation and all I can say is you are all absolutely incredibly beautiful human beings who deserve nothing but happiness in your life!!! And my family and friends who have been looking after me for the last week and listening to me rumble through the tears, there isn’t a single cell in me that doesn’t feel incredibly loved and special right now so thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
Forever a hopeless romantic and a enternal optimist, I thought I would tell you all the good that came out the last five months with mystery chap because he might not have been my happily ever after but he certainly made me happy and that’s no mean feat. It’s so easy at the end to get caught up in emotions and negative feelings but remember you were once so happy you wanted to be with that person 24/7 and although that’s not the reality now it doesn’t take away what was, the memories and person you have become.
Not wanting to be negative or bitter and certainly not wanting to forget,  I’m only thinking about the good times, memories and things that I learnt. And because we all know by now that I totally overshare I thought I would share them with you and hopefully you can relate or even look back on a past relationship and be a little happier about it. Your happiness is what makes your world beautiful, beautiful!
1. It’s ok to be the first to say “I love you” even if you know they won’t return the sentiment, if you love them, say it. Regrets will absolutely shortened your life.
2. It’s ok to know exactly what you want and to voice it!
3. I will never ever be able to go on a trampoline without thinking about him! ( Insert wicked grin )
4. I already know the next guy has to fuel my haribo addiction.
5. I’m most attracted to a insane work ethic.
6. I will never forget how he would always offer to rub my belly after I had eaten too much……
7. And never judged me for eating too much!
8. There is absolute peace in laying down in the middle of a city with
the right person.
9. There is beauty in staring at the sea together too.
10. I will never miss another flight in my life.
11. No one ever believed in me as much as mystery chap did and that’s something I’m absolutely using to keep going forward with my blog.
12. It’s ok to cry for as long as it takes to feel better, I have never been one to hide my emotions, if it isn’t for feeling the really sad bits, the really good bits wouldn’t feel as good.
13. Vodka should never be drank alone unless you plan to be a dinosaur at the end.
14. I’m too tall to spend too much time in caves.
15. Tinder sometimes gets it right, you just have to sieve through the dick pics.
As you can see there is absolutely nothing to be negative about or bitter and although it might be over, and I am incredibly sad at the moment. I am also incredibly blessed and happy that it happened, and amazingly not worried about using Tinder again or dating someone new. I have just had the most happiest of months and look forward to the next few months. I wish him all the happiness in the world and am extremely thankful to have met him if only for a brief period of time.
For any one reading this please let go of hurt and negative feelings, remember the good and remember without memories life won’t be worth living.

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