Happy little life!

Happy little life!

So I know my blog over the last few months has been a little all over the place and reading back over it, it looks a lot like Britney’s diary circa 2007 just before her meltdown but honestly, yes I am going through stuff but never once has my happiness faltered. There are going to be times in our lives that are not perfect, but those times are just slight bumps in the road, bad patches, under no circumstances do they mean a bad life and depending on how you react to a bad patch depends on how long those bad patches last.

” For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness” – Ralph Waldd Emerson

There hasn’t been a single day in last six months that I have not been happy, yes there have been days I’ve cried and cried but at some point during the day I have been happy and thankful for the people who take me into their arms and wipe my tears away. And no matter what, things could always be worse, chances are they could be a lot worse so next time you are having a mad, bad or angry day, take five minutes away from everything and everyone and remember all the ways in which you are truly blessed. Look for the small happy moments you experience daily, weekly or monthly those happy moments that put a smile on your face and make your heart feel warm and fuzzy, because those are the moments that really matter.

Don’t be wasting time waiting, waiting for the weekend, new job, bigger house or better car your happiness lays inside what you think of yourself, meeting with friends, kissing your partner or tucking your kids into bed at night. Your happiness is those small happy moments you don’t even think about, but actually together build your whole life. Here are some small happy moments from the last couple months that have been making my world special.

Alisa // Having the worlds most beautiful niece just make my heart melt the second I’m with her I’m not sharing, unless she’s crying and she’s straight back to her mummy. Alisa is the first baby born into our family, first grandchild and already she has stolen all of our hearts and made our whole family that little bit closer. She is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to our world and I’m already ready to keep the boys away.

Dating // I have been seeing, don’t get me started on that term! mystery chap for a few months now and I’ve been having an absolute lovely time with him. There’s definitely been some ups and downs but he has been making me extremely happy, if not more than a little crazy. He is the first guy I’ve ever dated where I knew nothing about him, or had any mutual friends it’s such a different experience. In this day and age having to get to know someone from the very beginning is a strange concept, we don’t follow each other on social media we just talk and tell each other stories about ourselves.

Bettys tea shop // I have been dreaming of visiting Betty’s tea shop for a good 12 months now and last month I was able to actually go. It’s absolutely no secret in this world that cake makes me extremely happy. And it’s safe to say I’ve ticked it off my bucket list, keep your eyes peeled next week for a blog post all about my little trip.

Summer // Who hasn’t been loving the absolutely beautiful weather we’ve been having lately?! It’s got me so excited for summer, if not a little nervous about squeezing into summer clothing since I have stopped a lot of exercise and gained a little weight, I am delighted not about to squeeze my ass into a bikini and head to the beach. Although I am super excited about walks in the late summer nights, picnics in the park and days at the seaside. It honestly feels like the warmest summers we have had in years, I am enjoying every moment of it and topping up my vitamin D.

Exploring // If you read my blog regularly you know I love exploring, I love days out and finding new places to visit over the last few months I haven’t really been doing it. However in the last couple of weeks I really got back into it, jumping into my car and just driving to find somewhere pretty. I am excited for the next couple of months over the summer and visiting as much of the U.K. as humanly possible. As well as planning a couple of trips abroad. Im so excited to be moving forward with my blog and if that means I have to go out and experience new places then so be it! It’s is a hard job but someone’s gotta do it.

Aimee // I am so thankful and happy to have a Aimee in my life, the last couple of months I have been driving her crazy with constant WhatsApp messages, sending screenshots of messages and constantly asking for her opinion on everything, and not once has she told me to shut up. I talk way too much about myself, she’s always is a huge support and only wants what’s best for me. She is honestly the nicest person in the world so selfless, never talks about herself first, just lets me ramble even when she has huge news. I am so thankful to have in my life I couldn’t have asked for better friend. Specially when I’m such a awful friend.

Job interviews // As part of trying to get myself out of this bit of a bad patch I have been applying for every job advertised in Manchester. I have had a few interviews and although none of the jobs have been the right ones, it’s been absolutely fantastic to be given the opportunity for an interview. Specially for jobs where I don’t necessarily have the experience or the qualifications but they’ve taken a chance by giving me an interview. It just makes me think all the hard work on my blog and social media has made it all slightly more worthwhile. I have had couple of really big interviews off the back of writing a blog and I couldn’t be more thankful. I really feel like I’m heading in the right direction career wise and I’m hoping with a bit of persistence I will finally get my dream job.

New blog // So if you read my blog regularly than you will have noticed it looks a little different this week! I have been toying with the idea of going self hosted for about a year now and I have finally taken that step, partly for the job interviews and partly just because blogging full time is the dream job! Mystery chap has been amazing and a really good influence in my life and really pushes me to be the best I can be. I can’t tell you how excited for the future of my blog I am and I am working really hard and have so many different projects coming up. Including more YouTube videos, podcasts, an ebook and I’m really excited, driven and motivated at the moment I’m really hoping the new blog layout is just the start of things to come.

Back to self caring // After me and Jamie broke up and my life changed massively in such a short period of time I started to neglect self caring. I worked way too much and just slept, I literally just worked and slept. It’s only  just recently that I have slowed down the amount I’m working and start to self care again. Mental health to me is just as, if not more important than physical health, it is really important to me to be able to stop and take some time to look after myself and concentrate on things that bother me, to look at changing things that are upsetting me. I am so lucky that I am able to take that time and I have got time to do that for myself .

And there you have it some of the small happy moments that have made world that little bit happier.


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