The new average woman isn’t so average!

The new average woman isn’t so average!


What has happened to the ‘average woman’? The one thing I have noticed since I have started blogging is the sheer number of superwomen in the world. When I first started reading blogs (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I am that old! I was ten years old when the internet became available in homes!) they were just hobbies, no one made a living from them. They were written few and far between when a person had time between work, parents evenings and the Friday night trip to the pub.

Social media was just friends meeting for a pint and a packet of crisps and YouTube was watching You’ve Been Framed on a Saturday night! Back then the ‘average woman’ had one job, a partner and spent their weekends with friends- you were considered a superwoman if you managed to get to work on time on a Monday morning! However, in the last five years the rule book has been ripped up by the rise of some extremely talented, work driven women- not only do they get to work on time, they arrive early! And instead of the ‘average woman’ getting competitive or down playing the achievements of other women they have stood together and celebrated womankind and by doing so have changed the world forever.

There is definitely still the same number of hours in the day, its just that now women don’t just want it all, they have it all and are willing to work their perfect squat butts off to create their own empires and keep growing it. Most importantly, these women are replacing nasty internet trolls with a tribe of women who stand united in making the internet a happier, more supportive place. For every nasty comment you get you get, there is 20 women sending positive messages. These women are strong, successful and in full control of their lives. You are only ever one status or picture away from the most positive comments you will ever read.

Some of my favourite blogs are from ‘average women’ women that blog as a hobby not as a career and to me these women are anything but average. They have full time jobs, blog, vlog, are on top of creating a social media empire, Etsy stores, another side business running. They contribute to other blogs/magazines, run a home, have a relationship, an army of friends for cocktails, a cat or dog and still find time to comment on your Instagram pictures about how pretty you look .

By the time you reach your mid thirties you have tended to have had several lives and been several women whist trying to figure out who you are. Now I know who I want to be, I want to be “the new average woman” because really, there is no such think as average anymore, now we are all absolute super women, working hard and living our dreams. Yes, there are days where we want to lay down and just eat ice cream but we take cute pictures while doing it! I can only imagine just how much we can achieve together and I’m pretty sure we will find out soon enough.


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