52 ideas for self caring!

52 ideas for self caring!

“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.” ~Brian Andreas

In a world where all we do is rush around working, looking after family, cleaning, shopping and paying bills, spending what little free time we have checking emails and social media. How much time are we spending looking after ourselves and our mental health! In a time where taking time for ourselves comes across as selfish ( and let’s face it when we are busy our free time is the first thing we sacrifice ) We need to take this time back and realise that it is not selfish to want to look after ourselves and recharge if anything it will make us a better partner, parent, child and friend, it is a necessity. I thought I would share 52 ideas for self care with you, now you don’t have an excuse not to find a couple of hours or even 30 minutes a week to look after you wellbeing and recharge your batteries. 

1. Have yourself a diy spa and pamper yourself.
2. Candles, a book and a super long hot bubble bath.
3. Have a duvet day.
4. Have a super early night and read a book.
5. Treat yourself to a lazy breakfast in bed.
6. Start a gratitude journal.
7. Learn a craft such as knitting.
8. Visit a local museum/art gallery.
9. Do some gardening.
10. Do something your inner child will thank you for ( play on a playground ).


11. Go for a walk in your local park, woods or countryside.
12. Try a new fitness class.
13. Take a yoga class.
14. Put your favourite songs on and dance around your home.
15. Find a quiet space and mediate.
16. Go for a bike ride.
17. Join your local rambling group.
18. Go for a run.
19. Do some colouring.
20. Go to the coast and watch the sea.


21. Meet a friend you haven’t seen for ages for a coffee and catch up.
22. Take yourself to the cinema.
23. Cook your favourite meal and enjoy your favourite film.
24. Bake something and eat it all with a big pot of tea.
25. Turn phones, tablets and televisions off for a couple of hours.
26. Be a tourist in your own town/city.
27. Join a book club.
28. Treat yourself to a beauty treatment at your local beauticans.
29. Have a afternoon nap.
30. Have a board game night with friends/family.


31. Go on a karaoke night with friends.
32. Volunteer your time.
33. Get a pen pal and write them a long letter.
34. Treat yourself to some beautiful fresh flowers.
35. Have a early night and sleep.
36. Wonder around a farmers market.
37. Sort/print your favourite photographs.
38. Learn to play a instrument.
39. Go through your wardrobe and try a new look.
40. Visit a local fun fair.



41. Just scream!
42. Upcycle a piece of furniture.
43. Look for treasures in charity shops/flea markets.
44. Try a new make up look.
45. Go on a date night and only eat off the dessert menu.
46. Visit a elderly neighbour for a chat and brew.
47. Write yourself a future letter.
48. Find somewhere peaceful and watch the sunrise/sunset.
49. Get cosy around a camp fire and watch the stars.
50. Go along to a comedy club.
51. Visit a city that you have been meaning to go.
52. Remind yourself every day that you are a beautiful human being.

Now to start really caring for yourself and enjoying a few hours every week to self care and check your mental health.


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