Bloom where your planted!

Bloom where your planted!

” The amount of beauty you see the world speaks volumes of the content of your soul. The way you interpret the outside give definition to the substance of your character, your interaction with everything is a accurate measure of who you really are. ”


It has taken me the best part of 30 years for me to value myself worth, to not only except myself but to fully and unapologetically love myself. My flaws are no longer parts of myself I want to change, they are not problems, but my character and with this self-love comes a constant level of happiness. Despite moments of sadness and hurt I am still happy something inside me feels like it’s glowing and allows me to know that a setback isnt a bad life nor is it necessarily a bad thing.


” No rain no flowers ”


In moments of sadness I always go to nature whether that’s the ocean, forest or simply a garden. I go and embrace the sadness whilst taking in the beauty of the ever-changing world. If I feel broken beyond repair I go to the ocean, standing on the edge looking out to expanse of something so large and unpredictable puts my problems into perspective. If I need to scream, cry or get out any frustration I turn to the forest to scream and yell beneath the tallest of the trees. And if I have a problem that needs solving I go to flowers. Despite the fact flowers know they have a short life surrounded by extreme beauty they still grow and become more and more beautiful, they just do their thing whilst the world watches with amazement.


” Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul” – Luther Burbank.


I took myself to Bodnant Gardens in North Wales as I stepped through the gates the whole world melted away. I stepped into what can only be described as heaven, despite not being religious in that moment I knew that if heaven did exist it would look and smell exactly like this.


In that moment the whole world stood perfectly still whilst I took in every beautiful shade of pink and smelt each and every petal. In a world capable of such beautiful moments it’s hard to imagine ever being sad again.


I wandered through the gardens for hours and hours stopping only to lay in the grass and take in the gardens beauty as if I may never see it again.


By the end of the day and three ice cream later all my problems and worries had melted away and the glow inside me was brighter than ever.



”  Like wildflowers you must allow yourself to grow in places people never thought you would. ”



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  1. June 1, 2017 / 2:10 pm

    We mainly see what we look for. The desire to be happy, being open to positivity and possibility, opens our eyes and hearts to the beauty that surrounds us always. And this beauty sustains us and lifts us up in times of sorrow. The earth always has flowers for those who wish to see them. Beautiful pictures…I’m much too far away to visit that place but its inspired me to seek out one of our local botanical gardens soon for sure! Thank you for sharing.

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