Beauty is skin deep!

Beauty is skin deep!

This week I did something my inner 20 year old would be utterly mortified about! In fact I am writing this whilst its happening! It is the morning after the night before and I am sat working away with the chap I have been dating, not the most romantic of mornings but certainly one my 32 year old is extremely proud of! Despite the very grown up start to the day, while we are answering emails and writing away, Jurassic park is playing in the background. And after three hours of breakfast, coffee and the roar of dinosaurs, I have realised that I am sat here make up free, and I mean make up free, caught up in the moment and not wanting new chap to see my ever extensive range of beauty products I made the ultimate beauty faux pas and went to bed with a full face of make up, I know, I know but really we are a long way off face masks, beauty potions and fennel pjs. Normally if I go bed in make up I wake with eyeliner still in tact but today I don’t even have a smudge of last nights make up on! My make up might apparently be able to last 12 hours of life, unfortunately it didn’t last 12 hours of vodka and kissing.

Now in my twentiess I would have woken up 30 minutes before he did to reapply my make up in that ” this is my just woke up face” look and snook back into bed with him none the wiser, maybe slightly wiser but certainly smart enough not to mention it! I had managed to get the look down in less then three minutes so in a worse case scenario I could just pretend I needed the loo! I would have absolutely died at the mere thought of being make up free in front of any guy let alone a new chap in my life.

But here I am sat down writing away, eating cake, yes he feeds my cake habit, bare faced and more than ok with it because now I’ve reached my thirties I have realised there is absolutely no man on this planet that I need to impress with winged eyeliner or flawless skin at 8am! I have wrinkles, laughter lines around my eyes that show thirty plus years of laughing, I don’t have flawless skin, thanks to spending the last ten years living the life I wanted. I’m pale with usually very tired looking eyes but my face is my face, with or without make up my smile is still as wide and my eyes are still green.
So far he’s not kicked me out of his house so my Monday morning impression of casper doesn’t seem to bother him! Although he may just not be being a arse! And if once I leave I never hear from him again then I won’t think its because of my make up free face, I won’t be going back to reapplying make up while they sleep if anything I will be revealing my make up free a lot sooner! My face is the story of my life, its flaws and all because make up free i’m valuable and just me! I can’t believe there was ever a time in my life that I put such extreme pressure on myself to look a certain way.
Before I left he suggested the next two dates and a city break so my bare cheeks certainly didn’t scare him off! Maybe I will reveal my extensive range of toners, moisturisers and torture devices on our next date, until then pass me my foundation I just blended into a cream wall.


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