Eat clean // Breakfast

Eat clean // Breakfast


I am celebrating my first week back in the gym with a couple of extra fitness posts, I have thrown myself back into my workouts and although I was exhausted after it I felt amazing. I’m feeling really motivated again and ready to take on the world and thought this week I would share some clean eating posts with you all. Because what we put into our bodies is so important not just for the physical aspects but for our mental health too because I find if I eat rubbish I feel rubbish physically and mentally.


Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day as well as my largest mainly because I workout at 6am and need to refuel my body after it, plus all breakfast foods are incredibly yummy. I have picked four of my favourite breakfast meals and the ones I eat most often. And most importantly each one takes less then five minutes to make and are less then 400 calories.

Breakfast one // 1 piece of wholemeal toast and 30g avocado, one egg and left over veggies. I can’t stand margarine or butter so I either have dry toast or avocado on toast, I make sure I weigh out my avocado because although they are full of good fats they are high in calories and a little goes a long way. I rarely eat meat or fish, for no reason other than I rarely want it so eggs are a staple for me and I have at least two eggs a day. I tend to cook a large batch of vegetables at a time so I always have food in the fridge that is healthy and super quick. Meal planning is a big part of my fitness journey as I know if I didn’t plan and prep I would make bad choices specially after a long day at work, I tend to spend two evenings a week doing meal prep so I know all I need to do at meal times is heat something up.

Time, as long as it takes to boil a egg!


Breakfast two // Porridge made with almond milk, raspberries, strawberries and flex seed. I use almond milk because I’m not really a fan of cows milk, I was vegan for a few years when I was younger and for some reason cows milk now really freaks me out, plus almond milk makes the porridge seem more creamier. 90% of the time I use frozen berries ( the raspberries were frozen ) for no other reason then they are so much cheaper and they last a lot longer, in fact grams wise frozen berries are half the price. Now I’m not a fan of health foods that not everyone can afford or easily get, social media is full of accounts with the latest super foods, cures or miracle weight loss aids and it can be so off putting specially if you are just starting out on your fitness journey. Flex seeds are an amazing source of fibre and and be put on most foods or into smoothies. Most importantly you can get a large bag from most supermarkets for less then £3 and it will last you! I bought a bag four months ago and I’m only half way through it.

Time, Porridge takes three minutes in a microwave.


Breakfast three // Whole grain granola with fruity bits, black cherry soya yoghurt and strawberries. I tend to have this breakfast when I am craving something sweet or I’m running super late for work, it’s also a really good breakfast to make the night before and can be taken out in your bag if you can’t eat first thing in the morning. I eat soya yogurt purely because I prefer the flavour, I tend to buy large pots and weigh out a portion size just because it is a cheap than individual soya pots. It is not always strawberries, it’s usually whichever fruit needs eating up, I hate throwing food away as I think it is so wasteful, if I don’t think I can eat it before it goes off than I freeze it, veg can be cooked easily from frozen and any fruit tends to go into porridge or smoothies.

Time, less then two minutes to put it all in a bowl.


Breakfast four // Two pieces of wholemeal toast, two eggs scrambled and strawberries. I eat this after a particularly hard workout as I find the eggs help my body repair quicker, if I’m extra hungry I eat a third egg.

Time, Three minutes to scramble eggs and toast bread.

And there you are four super quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas for less calories then a large bowl of cereal for an extra two minutes of effort. I hope you enjoyed this post and keep an eye out for some more clean eating ideas that are affordable and easy to find for everyone. Don’t forget to tag me in your social media breakfast pictures and let me see what you enjoy for breakfast. I am also working on a blog post that gives you a weeks worth of healthy eating for £30, which will be published at the start of September so keep your eyes peeled.


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