Banana pops

Banana pops

If yesterday’s post was far too sweet for you I have a healthy sweet treat recipe for you right here! If you haven’t already guessed I’m obsessed with all things food, cooking, baking, healthy, cake and eating. You my also have guessed that I don’t save ice cream or ice lollies for the sunshine, in fact if I’m a wake then ice cream will be involved. Occasionally I have a word with myself about picking a healthy option and I have discovered that healthy option. If you drool over pinterest like me then banana pops have probably popped up on your feed, like me tho you might have thought who has time for that!! Well I would suggest making time because these little banana pops are worth the effort, one of your five a day and less then a 150kcals per pop, not to mention they are yummy.


You will need:

  • As many bananas as you fancy
  • A large bar of dark chocolate or your choice of chocolate ( I used milk chocolate too )
  • Your choice of topping -I went for walnuts, coconut, seeds and hundreds and thousands.
  • Lolly sticks – I got mine from hobby craft

Peel your banana and cut it in half-ish (basically what ever size you want your pops to be!).  Take your lolly stick and pop into the banana, making sure it doesn’t go through or out of one side. Prep a tray lined with baking paper to lay your bananas on ready for your toppings.

 Take your dark chocolate and chop into small pieces, boil a kettle of water, and pour into a saucepan. Take a heatproof bowl, pop the chocolate in and place over the saucepan making sure the water is not touch the bowl. Stir chocolate until completely melted – be careful this can be very hot!

Take your bananas and start slathering with the chocolate , use a spoon to make it easier. Get sprinkling your chocolatey covered bananas. Place in the freezer overnight until set.

And enjoy!



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