What I ate Wednesday // 006

What I ate Wednesday // 006

I am feeling very positive this week, I feel like I’m finally getting into a new routine, the last little piece to fit in to my new journey is food and eating right. I have lived in my new place for seven weeks now and I am yet to cook a meal there. Everyone has been so good to me, cooking for me or asking me out for dinner to get out the house. Not to mention I have been working every second available which has meant lots of shop bought sandwiches and crap. I always eat better when I’m writing about what I eat, you all give me great motivation and keep me super focused. I haven’t gained any weight but I do feel all gross and bloated, thank you high salt content. So it’s time to take my health back and get back into good eating habits and get some bloody fruit and vegetables back into my body. Summer is just around the corner now so I would like this extra bloat to disappear so I can feel comfortable and confident during my summer adventures. Here is everything I ate on Monday, it is slightly random as I had a million jobs to do and very little time but I tried my absolute best to eat well and hydrate.


Breakfast // I started my day with the best intentions which was in the form of soya yoghurt and strawberries. I have been so desperately wanting some fruit and strawberries are my favourite fruit. Just recently I have been having a milky coffee and muffin for breakfast so this was a total shock to my system. But I definitely felt better and proud of myself for not eating another sugary breakfast, now just to keep it up.


Morning snack // Having a small breakfast was a massive mistake, by 1030am I was absolutely starving and ended up eating a second bigger breakfast. This time I had soya yoghurt, the rest of my strawberries and granola.


Lunch // I had the day off work, and the only way to get through a Monday is to have a piece or two of cake. There is a tiny little tea shop in Sandbach that has the most amazing cakes, they all taste incredible but the chocolate fudge cake is my absolute favourite. This isn’t even a little bit healthy but it was my first day eating healthier and a little of what you fancy is good for you.


Dinner  // Me and my best friend Britney went out for dinner to a local carvery, where we ate far too much. I tried to add lots of vegetables to my meal but couldn’t resist the call of the Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes. I couldn’t move for almost an hour afterwards but it was worth it, there is something so comforting about a roast dinner. I also drank a whole pint of coca cola which was really bad of me. But I really enjoyed being out with a friend and catching up on gossip, at the moment I have been working so much so being out with actual people made the food taste even better.

And there you have it! What I ate Wednesday, which is actually what I ate Monday. Not great, probably not even good but it’s a start and I don’t feel disheartened, tomorrow I will do better and the day after I will do even better.



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