1980s & matching outfits!

1980s & matching outfits!

Recently I have been sorting through old boxes, decluttering and reboxing stuff for storage when I came across a very old shoebox with the words childhood written on, in bright pink felt tip and inside were some of my favourite childhood pictures. Growing up my parents had a massive suitcase full of thousands of pictures of us, every time I would be allowed to look at them I would take one and hide it in my bedroom in this shoebox. When my parents separated all pictures went with my mother and disappeared forever, luckily I still had my shoebox stashed away. International happiness day yesterday made me all happy and sentimental, it also made me want to share these pictures with you, and since I write about my life it seemed like a good idea to share this part of my life with you. These pictures were from the late 80s, early 90s and have me going on a printing frenzy to start my own suitcase.


Me and my sister were dressed exactly the sameĀ for about nine years of our childhood, I have worn glasses since I was 18 months old, I even had to go through the dreaded rematch phrase. Here is me, Charlotte ( sister ), Martin ( brother ) and our next door neighbour John sat in the front garden of the neighbour’s house. We spent our whole childhood living next door to each other and spending our days playing football in our back gardens.


This is me and my grandfather in 1985, my grandfather was my favourite grandparent and is now my only grandparent. I feel like we had our own secret language and we were forever measuring my height, I come from a very tall family.


Christmas 1987, the three of us with our grandmother. My grandmother was polish and barely spoke English, I couldn’t understand what the hell she was saying for most of my childhood. Eventually she moved to be closer to us and started speaking some English, the best memory I have is her cooking. She was always cooking, ALWAYS and I am convinced she was a feeder, which didn’t bother me one bit. But my brother would throw an absolute fit when beetroot soup was put in front of him.


Me and brother in Rhyl in 1988, our dad would take us to the seaside every chance he got. I have some of the best memories from our days out Rhyl and it will forever hold a little piece of my heart.


Me and my sister on holiday in Rhyl, I’m wearing my favourite ever jumper. My grandmother knitted us these postman pat jumpers and it’s the only piece of clothing I wish I still hard. In fact if I could get it now in adult size I would absolutely wear it every single day.


Me, Charlotte and my godmothers daughter Tracey who was born the same year as me. Judging by how dirty we are, we had fun at the park.


Me and Charlotte sitting on one of the worse 80s patterned sofa ever, I swear I don’t remember a day when we weren’t dressed the same.


The only picture of me without my glasses, also the second I got to pick my own hairstyles I got rid of the fringe.


This is my favourite ever picture of my brother, I’m guessing this was taken at the seaside. He just looks so cute, I can’t believe he turns 30 this year, I will definitely be embarrassing him with this picture.


My sister not looking very impressed with having her picture taken.

And there are some of my favourite childhood pictures, I really do love holding photographs in my hands.


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