International happiness day

International happiness day

Today is international happiness day, which could be one of my favourite days of the year! What’s not to love about a day that’s purely made to recognize happiness, and you know how much I love happiness. So I thought I would share with you some of the small little moments that have made my March happy.

This last couple of weeks has been truly happy, that slightly grey cloud has moved from above my head and I feel at peace once more. I have been on a mission to fill the next year with adventures and travel, I have booked mini breaks and days out, I feel incredibly positive despite my car breaking down on me ( yes I am that unlucky ). I have settled nicely into my new life direction and am certainly making the most of all opportunities to come my way. By now you all know how much stock I put into the small everyday things because without them what would be the point of getting out of bed. I’m not looking for some great knight to scoop me up and save me, I’m looking at living each day in a happy way so I can save myself. All that is involved in living a happier life is stopping and looking around yourself, if something or someone makes you smile, stop and take a mental note to fill your life with more of that. Be excited for the big stuff like a holiday or new job but don’t waste your time wishing that they would come sooner because time should never be wasted, it should enjoyed and spent laughing and loving. Here are some of my happy little moments that make my heart smile.


Sam // As if going out for the evening with your best friend isn’t fun enough add a night of Joel Dermott into the mix and you will be in for a night of extreme belly laughs. I honestly can’t remember the last night I laughed so much, my eyes were steaming with tears. It was lovely just to turn my phone off, get dressed up and care about nothing other than not wetting myself in a theatre. And if all that didn’t mean a good night I even got to meet Joel afterwards, even though he was slightly shorter than I thought he would be. Me and Sam have been friends for the last 19 years and she is by far my oldest most dearest friend, she knows more about me than any other person in the whole world, she also knows to how to get me out of the house when I don’t what to leave. We sang, we laughed, we cried, we drank and for one night we turned our phones off. Now if only Joel would marry me, everything would be perfect.


Dave & Jamie // I feel that mine and Jamie’s new relationship as friends has settled and it is working out so well, he really is my best friend. We have dinner once a week together and probably have a couple of coffees a week too. We talk every single day and tell each other our happy news as well as helping each other get through the bad patches. It already feels like we were never a couple, but rather that we were just friends that lived together for a while. I definitely don’t think I could have done this with other exes but with Jamie it just feels normal. I will never forget or regret the journey we were on, I have some wonderful memories of that time we had together and now I’m looking forward to making some new memories together.


Curly hair // I have found that I have been changing the way I look, I’ve bought myself a new wardrobe, changed my make up and started wearing my hair curly, it has given me an extra boost to my confidence. Sometimes you just need to mix up your appearance specially after a break up, I haven’t gone crazy I have just altered a couple of things and to be honest I really am enjoying myself and enjoying learning about fashion and make up.


Baby due // My beautiful sister is due to have her first child on the 2 June, it will be the first time I become a aunty and in so freaking excited. Every time I see her I want to burst into tears of happiness. She is going to be a fantastic mother and she is a wonderful sister, I have lost all hope of ever having my own children so being involved in my sister’s pregnancy has been extra special to me. Last week she asked me to be her birthing partner to which I cried my heart out, I’m so excited to be there and help her through it and even more excited to meet my niece.


Walking // My car broke down a couple of weeks ago and instead of stressing myself out with it I have been using the time to walk to work. I have been walking an average of nine miles a day, to work and back and it’s been fantastic. I have been grabbing a Starbucks on the way and just been getting lost on my walk. Every single day I have taken a new route and seen different parts of my town. Not to mention I have been feeling much more healthier from all the exercise.


Running // I finally put my running shoes on and went for a run, it feels like forever since I just ran. And it was just what I needed, I’m a massive fan of running to clear your head. It gives you and your head time alone to process stuff and work through any problems. Not to mention it is the only real exercise I’ve done in nearly two months so my mind and body were very happy. Not to mention the day was beautiful, the sun was warm but the breeze was cool, just perfect for not overheating and dying beside the side of the road. I forgot how much I love road running, running is something I’m going to try to do more of over the next couple of weeks, after all healthy body, healthy mind.


Spring in the air // Can you feel it? The last couple of weeks have been more good weather days then bad days. The sky has been blue with a slight breeze, flowers are popping up everywhere and trees are starting to looked dressed again. I am excited for spring and everything it represents, fresh starts and new beginnings all round. Now all there is left to do is lose the winter coats and we will be one step closer to summer.


Adventures // Despite the fact that I am meant to be saving every single penny I have seems to have been forgotten, instead I  have been booking weekend breaks, holidays and fun days out. I feel it’s something I need at the moment, I am still deciding which direction I want my future to go, so I’m trying lots of different experiences and visiting lots of different places in the hope that it will just come to me. Until then I plan on having as much fun as humanly possible.


Staying friends // Yesterday I spent the day with Jamie’s whole family, his cousin’s son was baptised and Jamie invited me along, it was the first time I had seen his family since the break up. And the problem with break ups is that you aren’t just losing one person but an entire family which can be even more heart breaking. The first hour I felt uncomfortable and like a outsider, I didn’t feel like I was part of the family anymore. But then I realized that it was just me, once I relaxed  felt happier and caught up on all the gossip. I think losing Jamie’s family was definitely the hardest part but they are so kind that I will forever be welcome at their home.

And there you have it some of the small happy moments that have lit up my life and made me smile recently. What has made you happy lately?


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