25 Things to do in Spring!

25 Things to do in Spring!

I found spring a really difficult month to plan anything for, mainly because the weather is at its most unreliable. You leave the house in a cute dress, cardigan and sunglasses and by 11am frostbite has started to set in on your knees, I have packed all my winter clothes away only for it to snow in April. Now I just opt for having half my wardrobe in my car for those quick weather changes. Spring also seems to be the season with the least holidays in, I mean you can’t swing a black cat in Autumn without hitting a holiday! I managed to think of 25 things I want to do this spring, so I thought I would share them with you and if you have any spring traditions, projects you want to start or trips you want to take, let me know, I’m always excited to try something new and find inspiration from all you lovely readers.


1. Picnics in the park.
2. Walking through fields of bluebells.
3. Eating one too many Easter eggs.
4. Spending a day lambing.
5. Going for a run outside.
6. Enjoying the long bank holiday weekends.
7. Find a quiet playground and play.
8. Visit an ice cream farm.
9. Try making your own Easter eggs.
10. Update your spring wardrobe.
11. Fill your house with daffodils.
12. Wrap up warm and eat doughnuts at the seaside.
13. Explore a new city.
14. Treat your mother to afternoon tea.
15. Make a birder feeder.
16. Visit a farmers market.
17. Spring clean and have a really good sort out.
18. Plant a herb garden.
19. Dust of the bike and go for a ride.
20. Indulge in pastel macarons.
21. Try a new hair colour.
22. Spend a whole day just reading.
23. Eat outdoors.
24. Try an outdoor exercise class.
25. Stop and smell the roses.

I’m so excited for spring now and all the promise of a new beginning, I’m ready for nature to come alive and show us her pretty new outfits and in all honestly I’m excited to feel the breeze on my skin and see new things grow where old ones died. Be kind spring it’s been a long winter……



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