Weekend mummy!

Weekend mummy!

There will forever be a place in my heart for the most special of chaps, Dave is the love of my life and the only chap to melt my heart like a Mr whippy on a hot August day.  Dave was Jamie’s dog and was not even two years old when he first went sleep on my lap, luckily he is still my little puppy and I get all day Monday with him and Friday night’s ( the joys of modern life ). My absolute biggest fear was that he would suffer and for the first couple of weeks he last a lot fur with over licking due to stress and would sit waiting for me to come home, but we have soon got into our new routine. Naturally I make sure I take a massive bone every time I see him and give him extra long belly rubs ( got to stay his number one ). On Friday night’s we spend our time playing games and snuggling up before falling asleep in one big fur ball. But on Mondays we walk and walk til our little legs are ready to drop off, leaving just a wagging tail.


On Mondays I try and walk 15 miles with him, I’m pretty sure it’s as good for me as it is for him. I spend the whole time chatting to him and he listens, specially when I say anything food related, because his little head tilts to the right and his tail wags so much I’m sure he will take off. We don’t necessarily walk anywhere in particular, we just walk and walk, last week we walked to the next town over and did a little window shopping before walking back and having a cup of tea with my sister.


Dave is the first dog I have ever had and can’t imagine my life without him in it, he can always make me smile and really is the thing that gives me the most happiness, he’s never sad to see me, to him I’m still his mummy, I’m hoping he just thinks I work extra long now. As soon as I have my own house we will be able to spend more time together, although Jamie doesn’t limit our time together now. I just want to make sure we do what’s best for Dave, and make sure he’s happy and healthy.


I absolutely adore those early spring days when the air is still crisp but the sky is the most vibrant of blues. You are still wrapped up warm but you are wearing sunglasses, it starts to remind you that summer is just around the corner and that any day now the world is going to come alive once more.


” You looking at me? ”


That face tho! Nothing would break my heart more than not being able to see this face with his little crooked smile. Another reason why me and Jamie want to keep our friendship in tact, is because there is definitely no one else in the world that would love this little crazy ball of fur more than me. I already have a whole summer planned with him and even a little holiday planned for the two of us ( I am officially a crazy dog lady ). I can’t wait to share our adventures with you.


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