Cake and the ex!

Cake and the ex!

If there is one thing in this world that will bring out all of the seven deadly sins in you it’s spending time with a ex partner, and although me and Jamie are trying to do the unthinkable and remain friends it comes with its ups and down. Luckily for us the ups far out weigh the downs which makes it all the more worth while. Last week we decided to go out to lunch together somewhere local for a catch up and in general just support each other. Usually after a break up you want talk to your ex because they were always the one that you turned to, but then you remember that actually you can’t anymore, which can be hard because not only have you lost them but you have lost your support and best friend too. During this break up I’ve been able to talk to Jamie, explain how I’m feeling and he’s supported me and not complained once about it. In fact now we joke that he is a better boyfriend now he’s not my boyfriend.


This has to be the first time I have ever been out to lunch, ordered a sandwich and had it come with roast potatoes. No matter how much you love roast potatoes they shouldn’t come out with a sandwich.


I would absolutely say that the hardest thing about staying friends with a ex is trying to be happy for there happiness. And I’m pretty sure at the moment we are keeping certain things from each other, in a bid to stop any unnecessary pain, but still it’s hard when something good happens to them. At the moment I feel like everything is falling apart for me, literally ( even my car broke down this week ) and everything is going right for Jamie and I’m trying my hardest to be happy and supportive but part of me, just a little part hoped he would be finding it as hard as me.


No lunch is a real lunch unless there is cake, delicious chocolate orange cake.


Feeling pretty happy with the fact that lunch went well we decided to have a little drive to a local ice cream farm, cake and ice cream I’m easily tempted. It’s safe to say there was no awkwardness between us, I had some internal struggles, trying to stay friends with a ex is definitely new to me. But I managed to keep most of it to myself, now again a little ugliness popped out but I’m only human and friends have to deal with the good, the bad and the ugly.


Always keeping my chin up! Or trying to rip my head off!


Naturally I ordered the bigger ice cream, if in doubt order all the flavours you want. I went for my absolute favourite combo raspberry pavlova, clotted cream and strawberry.

I truly believe if we can get through these first few months then our friendship will last forever, at the moment it’s slightly easier for Jamie as he’s had longer to deal with it and process the end of our relationship and he’s being very understanding and patient with me while I go through the motions of it. Because even though it’s been extremely difficult I know deep down that it is the right decision. But there are certainly times when I doubt if he ever loved me, did I do anything wrong could I have been prettier. I go through periods of wanting to be friends to never ever wanting to see him again and I’m not sure how the next few months will go but I do know that if we are unsuccessful in friendship than at least we tried, but fingers crossed that our friendship lasts.


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