Small happy moments // 011

Small happy moments // 011

“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu

Although the last couple of weeks haven’t exactly been a barrel of laughs, in fact I spent the first week in bed crying, eventually I realised that I needed food, badly! Not to mention a shower and a brush through my hair. I climbed out of bed put on a post break up motivational video on YouTube and watched it on repeat for three hours until it started to sink in.

Yes bad things happen, bad things happen everyday to everyone  but one bad day certainly doesn’t make a bad life. How we tackle and overcome our darkest days certainly shows how happy we are in ourselves. Yes I was sad but my life is so blessed and filled with so many small happy moments that make my heart a light lighter and my smile a light brighter. I am definitely not going to sit around waiting for my life to change, I won’t sit around waiting for that job promotion or a bag of money to land in my lap, I am going to go out and enjoy every little part of my life. Because life really is all about the small happy moments, without them life is just waiting for the big moments that are few and far between.


I had the last week off work so I could start planning my sister’s baby shower naturally my sister wanted to be involved ( she couldn’t help herself ). It was absolutely lovely getting to spend some quality time together. Even if for the first half of the week we watched sex and the city in bed together with lots of snacks. I’m so excited to meet my niece and every time I look at my sister I could burst into floods of tears, tears of absolute joy and pride. Did I mention that she is freaking gorgeous too!


I can’t tell you just how much my family has supported me this last couple of weeks. All of them have been so lovely, making sure I have everything I could possibly need and making sure I eat properly. My brother can instantly make me smile, he is the funniest guy I know. Plus he loves feeding me up, giggles and food are two of my favourite things in the world. My family truly make me happy and truly want what is best for me, although if they keep feeding me they will have to rob a bank.


Food, just food!


My friends have seriously rallied around me including taking me out on Valentine’s night and feeding me up. I couldn’t have got through the last couple of weeks without my friends and all their love and support. Although now that I’m older my circle of friends has become increasingly smaller, the quality certainly has gotten better, I’m a very lucky girl to have the kinda of friends that will sit there as I cry and not say a thing.


Nothing fills my heart with happiness more than Dave, he really is the love of my life. Dave was Jamie’s dog, he was two years old when I moved in with them. Me and Jamie are sharing Dave now, I couldn’t bare not to have my puppy kisses so I now have him on Mondays and Fridays, naturally because I want to be the favourite I get him a big bone every time I see him. Now that I don’t see him as much I just want to spend all our time together just sitting and staring at him.


During the week I woke up super early, put on my favourite dress, did my hair and make up super nice ( I actually spent more than five minutes on it ). I walked to a local cute coffee shop near my house, ordered a very large mug of coffee, three pieces of cake, grabbed a newspaper and took a seat near the window. Luckily I have no problem sitting alone, but I definitely feel like the last couple of weeks have knocked my confidence. As I sat there I felt a strange sense of happiness, I am excited about the way my life could go and all the new and exciting doors that I will find along my new path.


At the start of last week I decided I needed a new look so I got my bird’s nest to the hairdressers for a colour and wash. I then spent a long afternoon shopping for some new clothes. New shoes can put a smile on most girls faces, although I don’t know if I will ever be able to walk in them, it feels like I’ve not wore heels in years. I spent far too much money and bought one too many leather skirts but I had a lot fun, now you obviously don’t need to spend money to feel happy but having clothes that make you feel sexy and confident helps a lot.


My bunnies are the cutest bunnies in the whole wide world, they are the softest animals in all the land. At the moment Bambi and Thumper jumper are living at Jamie’s house while I find a home of my own, although I don’t know if I can separate the girls from Dave. Dave is definitely their big brother and it would break my heart to split them up. I just love their sweet little bunny kisses and their little nose twitches. I can’t wait to have my own home so I can have dozens of cute little bunnies. Although we are just really guessing that they are girls, and we will find out if they really are girls this spring.

I intend to fill all of my days with happiness and continue to make lovely memories.


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