Be my Valentine’s

Be my Valentine’s

The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself –  Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


Despite my nearly single status there was no one that I was going to sit around and feel sorry for myself on Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day is still one of my absolute favourite holidays, everything is so cute and heart-shaped it makes my little heart skip a beat. So I decided I was going to have a wonderful day anyway and enjoy myself. Starting with getting my hair done, after a week of wallowing my hair had started to resemble a bird’s nest, not just any old birds nest but one where a family of 18 little chicks had been playing in it. So I went in and for four hours let myself be pampered and caught up on all the local gossip and just had a good old chin wag with my hairdressers. ( now I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures in this blog post but apparently the whole world seemed to have mood lighting for Valentine’s day, apparently if somewhere isn’t lit solely by candles then it’s not romantic ).


Leaving my hairdressers feeling all glam, starving and smiling from ear to ear I decided cake was in my future, I went to my local coffee shop and ordered the biggest cappuccino and three slices of cake and got lost in people’s lives. Luckily I don’t feel self-conscious sitting alone, I sat there for two hours just soaking up the atmosphere and listening to the guy behind the counter talk to every single customer that came through the door. I eventually left feeling extremely full and very satisfied and maybe a couple of lbs heavier.


*BAD PICTURE ALERT* My new coloured and styled hair which I was very happy with. Me and my friend Sarah decided to take advantage of the delicious sounding Valentine’s meal that a local restaurant had for the most romantic evening of the year. I love food and I love me so it was a perfect Valentine’s pairing and with having such beautiful hair it would have been rude not to go and show it off.


I opted for two starters instead of a main, I’m definitely a starter kinda girl, mains are too big and lack the variety I so desperately love. My first starter was chicken liver pate with cranberry sauce which was absolutely delicious.


Me and Sarah laughed so much and may or may not having been making up little stories about the lives of people sat round us. Despite it being Valentine’s day there was a serious lack of loved up couples out which was really disappointing, where was all the love? We spoke about future plans, set date nights and organised our dying alone plans ( well it was Valentine’s day )! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much, I might have been let out a little piggy sound.


In true rock n roll style we spent the evening drinking tea, and my second starter was the most mouth-watering scallops and bacon on a pea puree, by far one of the most delicious dishes I’ve eaten in a while.


I finished the evening with a raspberry bake well tart with lots and lots of double cream. Despite being truly stuffed I managed to make room for dessert, there’s always room for dessert.


I had the most perfect Valentine’s day thanks to having some wonderful friends, I am definitely blessed and extremely thankful and slightly glad that there is a whole year til the next Valentine’s day. And after writing this post I have decided to enter a relationship with those scallops.


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