The future……..

The future……..

Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for all your beautiful support and messages for me and Jamie, you have made a hard time much more happier and positive.

Me and Jamie are both excited about the future apart and as friends and are equally excited to share our future adventures with you. I am now done with wallowing, of which I am a massive fan, I spent a week in bed, binge watching Gilmore girls ( usually my wallowing period includes sex and the city ). But my childhood dream of becoming Lorelai Gilmore is back on track ( I just need to find a cute little crazy town to move to with a Luke’s diner and I’m set ). I stayed in bed not showering just watching episode after episode, crying, laughing and crying myself to sleep. I spent half the week unable to eat and the other half eating anything I could get my hands on, edible or not!

Then in true best friend style Jamie turned up at my house and kicked my butt out of bed and straight into the shower. But not before plucking my monobrow, because apparently that wouldn’t help my situation. He reminded me of all the things that make me special and hugged me til I was ok. The whole breaking up thing has been made ten times easier thanks to our pact to stay the best of friends. I’m not going to lie it has been slightly odd, usually I would instantly cut all ties including changing my phone number but I thought I would give this way a go instead, no part of me thinks this is going to be easy but Jamie really is my best friend and was for a long time before we became a couple.

Once Jamie went home I sat down and thought of all the things I ever wanted to do but never got round to doing and made a list, in big capital letters I wrote DO NOT CHANGE YOUR HAIR!!  Then I booked two flights so I thought I would share some of my list with you.

1. Buy my own house // This is going to take the longest time and involve lots of hard work but I am determined to work hard and save enough money on my own, to buy my own house. I want something that is all mine, somewhere I can decorate exactly how I want and somewhere I can leave the outside world and be safe. There is going to be a lot of pink and a lot of different patterns and maybe a lamp with monkeys on.

2. Visit Amsterdam // So I have booked a flight to Amsterdam for July, it’s only for four nights but I have never been and I wanted something to share with you. Travel has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember and I haven’t been away for a couple of years now so I’m excited to get back to exploring our little planet.

3. Have a long weekend eating in Paris // I went to Paris a few years ago and hated it but I’m pretty sure that was because it was the last stop in a six month trip and I was ready to get home. So I’m giving Paris another go in September, I’m planning on eating and eating some more, only stopping to shop.

4. Visit Brighton // Brighton has been on my wish list for years but have never found the time to get there but now I have lots of time and am planning a long weekend to soak up some of the south-east coast.

5.  Try speed dating // Firstly I  absolutely have no desire to date but I have wondered about speed dating since it began and as long as I don’t cry I think it will be fun. But I will be leaving this til the end of the year.

6. Take a night class // I’m not sure what I might to do yet, but I love learning or I might just do something for the fun of it like a cake decorating course or maybe I will learn a language.

7. Write a book // This one is top-secret but I’m hoping to have a children’s book by the end of the year.

8. Take more time for yoga // By far my favourite form of exercise and something I have been neglecting recently but no anymore, from now on yoga is something I will be concentrating on for my physical and mental health.

9. Volunteer // I am so incredibly lucky with my life, I have been truly blessed, now I think it’s about time I started giving something back to our committee.

10. Love myself first // I feel like I have been in relationships my whole life, I have barely had a break from boyfriends and for the first time I am excited about being alone and discovering what I love and who I am.

Today is a new day and I’m excited to start my new life.



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