Six favourite exercises

Six favourite exercises

As part of me getting back on my fitness journey during #fitfeb I thought I would share with you some of my favourite exercises. Because you really can make a big difference in your life with just a couple of small changes. I used to hate exercising but looking back I think it’s just because I didn’t find the right ones for me, I’m never going to be a swimmer or cyclist but I could be a runner or a yogi. The one thing I have truly discovered along my fitness journey is that it really is about what works for you whether that’s diet or exercise, you have to discover what makes you feel healthy and strong.


Walking // I bloody love walking, and thanks to Dave I get at least 90 minutes in a day. The best thing about walking is that almost every single person can do it regardless of fitness levels, if you are new to fitness why not start with 30 minutes a day after dinner, it’s something the whole family can get involved with or even call your best friend for a gossip and walk. It costs absolutely nothing and free is definitely my favourite price, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a fancy gym membership just a good pair of walking shoes or trainers. I also find that walking clears my mind, if I have a problem then I go for a long walk and I find by the end of it I have come up with a solution.


Clubbercise // Glowsticks, music and dancing what’s not to love?! I tend to go clubbercise once a week with a group of friends because honestly it’s just so much fun. Most of the time I can’t even see the instructor at the front so I just go off in my own little world and bounce away with all my limbs flying off in different directions, a couple of my friends have been hit from a misguided arm. After 45 minutes I am absolutely covered in sweat and my face hurts from laughing so much.


Les Mills, Grit // If you want a class that will give you quick results than Les Mills Grit is that class, with just three sessions a week you will see a massive difference within four weeks. It is basically a hiit workout which only lasts 30 minutes but your body carries on burning fat once the class has ended. It took me a while to work up the courage to go to a class but I’m so glad I did, I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who has a holiday or special occasion coming up.


Yoga // I have tried so many yoga classes and it wasn’t til I found the right teacher that I started to enjoy it and now I think yoga is my favourite activity, in fact I’m looking at going on a yoga retreat in the UK this year and I have everything crossed that I will be able to go to India next year for one. I try and do several types of yoga because I find they do different things for my mind and body and if I get a body half as lean as some of the older women in my class I will be very happy.


Kettlecise // Kettlecise is one of the hardest classes I do but also one of the most rewarding, I definitely feel like I have had a workout by the end of it.  Kettlecise makes a real difference to my arms, shoulders and back not to mention my bottom. I have bought some kettles for home so if I know that I really don’t t have time to go the gym I find a workout on YouTube and spend 30 minutes working out in my living room, no excuses.


Aqua fit // Some exercises I do purely to add a bit of variety into my weekly fitness plan, aqua fit or aqua aerobics is definitely one of them. Now I’m sure you are all thinking ” but that’s for older ladies ” and to be honest my class is mainly older ladies but the best think about aqua fit is you get out what you put in. Now after a class I’m bloody exhausted to the point of just wanting to sleep there and then at the side of the pool, I really don’t know how those ladies do it. Great all-rounder and one of those exercises that is good for the soul.

I’m planning on starting some new classes to mix up my routine and stop me getting bored. Boxing is definitely top of my list! What’s your favourite class or activity?


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