My little box // January

My little box // January

This is definitely one of those better late than never blog posts! With it being the last day of January I thought I best get my bottom into gear and post this blog piece ( my new year will sort tomorrow, January is a trail month, right? ). So I best get on with this post before February starts.


Now you all know how in love with the new year I have been, 2016 was absolutely rotten, so when I noticed January’s My little boxes theme was fresh start I smiled from my toes to my ears. Now normally each month My little box is an actual box, hence the name but the first box of the year was in fact a bag! Personally I think I prefer it, least a bag is more useful specially when it’s big enough to use as a wash bag. With its positive quotes and rules to live by it has now become my wash bag for the gym, every bit of motivation helps, specially in January.


There wasn’t as many beauty products in this month’s box as normal which I actually liked, I picked my little box because it was a lifestyle box, if I wanted lots of beauty boxes I would subscribe to beauty boxes.


Usually you receive one my little beauty product every month but this month I received two including this sweet hand cream. The hand cream was thick with a light scent which was actually rather nice and best of all it didn’t leave my skin feeling oily, perfect after I’ve showered at the gym. I wasn’t particularly bothered by the Garnier, ultimate blends restorer balm, I don’t like travel sized products that I have never used before I just don’t think you can get a real sense of a product after just one application.


When it comes to toothpaste I can be pretty fussy, I stick to products I know rather than products that might actually be better. Merci handy holy mint toothpaste already comes with a problem it’s a French product so if I fell in love with it, where could I get more? I have enjoyed using it but don’t think it is any better than my normal toothpaste, expect the packaging is prettier.


The product in the box that I was least sure about was this my little beauty, revitalizing body cream, when I first applied it I thought it smelt absolutely awful, although ten minutes after applying it I noticed that I smelt lovely. Certainly a product you have to stick with, in fact I was highly surprised by how much I grew to love this body cream.


I actually didn’t even open this box til the other day, it kind of got left in a pile on my dining room table with a bunch of other boxes and I wish I had opened it purely for this timeless planner ( luckily you add the dates, so I didn’t waste any weeks ). Perfect for writing your goals and plans for a better year, you can write travel plans and ideas that inspire you. I am saving it for a rainy Sunday afternoon of self caring and planning.


I am a total sucker for a beautiful scarf, I probably have more scarves than any other pieces of clothing, with one simple accessory you can change your entire outfit. So naturally I was feeling pretty good when I saw this beautiful scarf hidden at the bottom of the bag. And the stunning bright blue had been adding a bit of colour to these dull January days.


I am feeling truly inspired by this month’s box/bag and am feeling extremely positive and motivated about the year ahead and it has made me super excited for February’s box which is lucky since it is February tomorrow.


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