Fitness kick start!

Fitness kick start!

Before I get started with this post I just want to say that I am not using this as a meal replacement plan or as a long-term solution, if you have been following my fitness journey you will know that my health and being healthy is the most important thing to me. And if you are new to my blog, thank you for stopping by, just a quick update, in the last 18 months I have changed my lifestyle and lost 98lbs ( 7 stone ) purely from diet and exercise ( you can see how in the healthy living category of the blog ).


Right back to the post in hand, over the summer I worked so hard and managed to get down to a lean, healthy size 8, I was incredibly strong with good muscle definition. Unfortunately due to be so large and unhealthy at the start it left me with extra skin which really effected me mentally, to which I seeked medical help and got referred to  surgeon who told me he wouldn’t help me. Already mentally low, this really affected me and my confidence and unfortunately I lost a lot of my motivation, after all the sweat, early mornings and tears I still felt fat and began to care less. Still trying to eat well and work out a bit, I really lost my passion for fitness, I couldn’t see the real point in trying any more. I knew I gained a few pounds but I certainly hadn’t slipped back into old habits, but each week I felt myself getting more and more unhealthy but telling myself I was ok.  Now a couple of weeks ago I had a doctor’s appointment, where I had to be weighed and the doctor commented on my weight gain, I had honestly thought that maybe I had gained 7lbs max but it turned out that I had gained 21lbs, I cried all the way home, not because I thought I was fat ( I’m still only size 10 ) but because I felt that I had let myself down and could see how easy it would be for me to gain all the weight back I had lost. I knew I had to put a stop to it before 21lbs become  28lbs. I got my butt back in the gym which has been the easy bit, the bit I’m still struggling with is food and giving up my love of all things sugar. So when Nutribuddy got in touch and offered me help ( and after lots of research into their plan ) I decided to give it a try.

Like I had said health is the most important thing to me, losing weight is easy if you don’t care what you do to your body or how it affects your health and that’s not what I want. I don’t believe in meal replacement plans were you drink three shakes a day or severely limit your calorie intake, I’m not interested in fad diets that help you lose 10lbs a week, only to put on 12lbs the week after. None of these things are good for your health, what I want is a kick start, a kinda kick up the bum to get me back on the right track. And that is why i decided to try Nutribuddy, it’s a 14 day plan that is all about healthy food choices, as you are reading this I will be on day three, I will be sharing a full blog post on the results in two weeks time but for now I just wanted to show you what I got with the plan and how it works. When I started writing my fitness journey the one thing I wanted was to be honest with you all because there is enough false images and stories on the internet and those amazing weight loss stories that involve very little work, have in the past sucked me in and left me feeling awful about myself.

So firstly you have the sculpting whey powder, shaker and scoop, I went for chocolate flavour so I felt like I was still getting my chocolate fix. I have used lots of whey powders before but never a sculpting one, it is said to boost metabolism due to such ingredients like green tea and guarana. Now the plan does say you can use it as a meal replacement if you want, which I don’t but I am going to swap my post workout snack for it. Usually after a workout I would have a protein drink or nuts so really I’m just swapping one protein or another. My body responds well to a high protein diet so this is great for me and something that is really normal for me, so I am excited to see how my body reacts to it.


As part of the plan I received multivitamins and hunger fix capsules, now the multivitamins are great, I already take a daily multivitamin so for the two weeks I will just swap them ( although vitamins are super important, it is equally important not to overdose on them, I highly recommend to seek medical advice if your are already taking any extra vitamins or minerals ). So like the whey powder the multivitamins are absolutely normal to my life and easy to swap products. Now I raised an eyebrow when it came to the hunger fix capsules, now these are not something I would ever take long-term or as an alternative to food. But I am very well aware that as I have cared less about my weight loss my portion sizes have grown a lot. I used to eat little and often, now I eat a lot and often so this is the area that will be the most difficult for me. So for me I am using these hunger fix capsules not to stop myself from eating but to trick by brain and stomach into getting used to smaller meals again. These pills are said to make me feel fuller for longer and although I plan on sticking to six small meals a day, I really do need my portion sizes to shrink because this is now my biggest problem. Again this is not a long term solution but rather a way for me to get back on the right track, because I’m sure like me, a lot of you get disheartened when you don’t see the scales move but if two weeks worth of hunger fix capsules and weigh ins get me back to a good healthy place than its worth it.


The plan came with lots of information which I really liked, it was easy to read and layed out the plan simply. This recipe book is incredible, it definitely doesn’t feel like a diet or that I will be deprived of anything and better yet the whey powder can actually be used in some of the recipes which makes the plan even easier specially if you are like me and don’t want to replace meals

Some of my favourite recipes are:-

  • Greek salad omelette
  • Chinese braised beef with ginger
  • Chocolate and berry mousse

And oncel I have finished the 14 day plan I will definitely have some meal ideas and inspiration to keep me on my fitness journey.


The second book I received was The little book of weight loss which tells you more about each of the products, answers common questions and gives you a five day meal plan. The plan is simple, absolute common sense, eat lots of fresh food, don’t eat junk food, drink water and not alcohol, all stuff that deep down we know but play stupid too. The recipes surprised me the most, they are just everyday ingredients, no crazy fitness ingredients that cost the earth and can only be found in fancy shops. I found everything I needed in my local supermarket and I’m excited to make the chilli con carne.

And there you have it, I’m back on my fitness journey! Wish me luck!


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