Wind in my fur

Wind in my fur


Hello all of mummies lovely readers, thank you for stopping by and having a little peek. It’s been forever since I’ve taken over mums blog, so I had to bark and bark til she let me on her word machine. So grab a treat, my personal favourite is duck and rice treats, I hope I get a treat for being a good boy. Now today is a special day, today I turn five years old, now the postman hasn’t been yet but I’m sure all your presents will be arriving any second now and I’m hoping as an extra special birthday treat mummy will let me chase the postman.


I don’t look a day over three years old! Mummy took me on a big long walk over the weekend and she treated me to a little swim for my birthday, she is a good mummy even when I bark too much or try eating her dinner when she’s not looking.


Recently it’s been super windy here which is my favourite because all the leaves go crazy and I can chase them for hours and hours. And the wind makes my fur look crazy like a I just got out of my bed look. So many trees, so little time! Mummy won’t let me play in the mud even through she knows I love it, even my sad puppy dog eyes didn’t work on her.


Swimming is my favourite exercise, this lake is my favourite ever lake it makes my tail wag like crazy, it doesn’t stop wagging until I have chased it lots. Those ducks are my friends and I just knew they would want to play birthday games with me, I was so excited to start paddling that I forgot I still had my lead on. Mummy wasn’t too impressed at being dragged into the lake, but I gave her a big wet kiss and she giggled.


The water was freezing but I love playing in it, with all the ducks, ducks are my friends, all ducks, even the nosy ones. Now I might have been a little naughty, well it was my birthday weekend, when she called me back to dry land I just carried on swimming. After all I knew it was far too cold for her fur, she gave me a whole extra ten minutes before I figured I should come back to her, after all she had the treats in her pocket.


I wasn’t impressed with not being allowed back in the water but after I was a naughty boy I’m not surprised, but she did give me a giant treat so she’s not all bad.


This is my wet dog look, I think it will catch on. But even if it doesn’t I look super cool, I will be the envy of all the dogs on my street.


I love holly it’s so much fun to play in, it got to all my itchy places, specially the itch behind my ears.


After hours of running and swimming it was time to go home and get into a warm bath, the bestest trick is to jump out and shake my fur covering mummy in wet dog. Well she does know I don’t like baths, baths are for girls. Luckily she just giggles and kisses me, then spends the rest of the day cleaning the bathroom.

Thank you for stopping by mummies blog but now it’s time to get my tummy rubbed and open all my presents, and I popped my head out if my bed and spotted my mummy making a beef and carrot cake, she knows the way to my heart. I’m already excited for turning six years old and becoming a man, I just hope I don’t find any grey hairs.


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