Just keep swimming!

Just keep swimming!


Me and Jamie finally got some time together and not wanting to get the January blues we decided on being big kids for the day. We headed to the Trafford centre in Manchester, for a day of shopping and fun, starting in the sea life centre. After all you know how much Jamie loves fish and all things fish related.


Jellyfish are my favourite sea creature, they are so simple but so incredibly beautiful and graceful, I could watch them all day long just floating around. Although whenever I watch them, they remind me of the Will Smith film seven pounds then I get a little tearful, if you haven’t watched it, you absolutely need to! You should stop reading this right now and go watch it.


It’s hard to believe I used to be terrified of jellyfish, in fact I didn’t step into the ocean until I was 25 years old because I was convinced I would get stung. So on holiday in Jamaica I decided I was being silly and the chances of being stung were so small so I put on my swimsuit and took a little drip. I was in the ocean for a whole five minutes before a jellyfish actually wrapped itself around both my legs, a local heard me scream and took me to a doctor, for the rest of my holiday I looked like I have been violently whipped around both legs from ankles to bum, I really am that unlucky. Years later I decided to take another go at swimming in the ocean, this time in Australia, I was in the ocean a whole 30 minutes this time before a shark alarm sounded ( turns out there was a tiger shark swimming right by ) its safe to say me and the ocean aren’t really made for each other. I think I will just stick to paddling in the north sea from now on.


Can you spot Nemo?


And beautiful Dory of cause.


This turtle was so weird it looked so prehistoric ( sorry I can’t remember its actual name, for now I’m calling it dino turtle ).


I mean how does it get all that neck into such a little shell?! Although I bet he’s good at looking around corners. He had the meanest face, he definitely looked like he was eyeing me up to eat whole.


More my kind of turtle!


I had totally lost Jamie in his fishy day dreams, he looks so gorgeous when he’s thinking. The world’s most beautiful woman could have walked past naked and he wouldn’t have even glanced, he absolutely loves fish, all fish, even the smelly ones.


By the time I was half way round I actually started to get sea-sick, I mean who the hell gets sea-sick on dry land! But all that curved glasses and coloured lights were making my tummy flip in every direction, while Jamie was day dreaming I had to sit down with my eyes closed until the sick feeling passed.


By far the animal that freaked me out the most, I had to keep looking away, the spotted garden eel ( I remembered that name, well done me ). He just kept sliding in and out of the sand, it was really scary to watch, it reminded me of the film tremors ( the one where Kevin Bacon was hot and before the stupid phone or internet adverts ). Despite him being only a few inches, well I think, he could have been twenty-foot long under the sand, I kept imagining him eating me whole.


Can you have seahorses as pets? I definitely want some!


After I finally managed to get Jamie away from the fish, believe me it took some time but I think Jamie noticed I was starting to turn green. We headed to the Lego discovery centre, unfortunately because we don’t have a child we weren’t allowed in, that definitely was not fun specially since we both love Lego so much. Instead we settled for playing in the Lego shop, well Jamie played and I just giggled.


Jamie made a Lego car and was very pleased, I played the perfect girlfriend with all the oohs and aahs in the right places. It feels like a lifetime since we had some quality time together, just the two of us.

We wandered around the Trafford centre picking up a few bargains in the sales, had some dinner and giggled so hard and after doing a ab class at the gym that morning, laughing hurt, I’m pretty sure Jamie was trying to make me laugh extra hard because my tummy muscles were still very sore.


Jamie chased me around hamleys toy store with his new friend, I’m not to sure who is the hairest.


It was so amazing to have a fun day out together, despite not being able to go in the Lego discovery centre. Jamie makes me laugh so much he really is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without him and all the fish in it. I can’t wait for all our 2017 adventures and bringing you along for the ride.


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