Winter favourites

Winter favourites

I thought I would try something a little different here, normally I do my monthly favourites but I thought I would share with you what I have been using to survive the Winter months. Now I am the biggest baby when it comes to the cold, I hate it so much and my eczema prone skin hates it even more. Winter is so long, boring and grey and positively awful, I suffer so much with the cold that I absolutely hate it, so as you can imagine it takes a lot of work for me just to leave my house, here is some of the things that are helping me through the cold months and please pray I survive the winter. Thank goodness for online shopping.


My soon to be sister law bought me some odd socks for Christmas because seriously who has time to match up socks, certainly not me. In fact it’s been so long since I’ve worn matching socks that when I do, I freak out and have to change one of them. So what’s better than buying socks in odd pairs, and to make them even better they have cake on. The only reason I want to win the lottery is so I can have new socks every single day because new sock feeling is better than clean sheet feeling.


Hand warmers are a very important part of my winter routine, my fingers are the first of my body parts to go blue and due to having ridiculously long nails I can only wear fingerless gloves which leave my little tips open to the elements. If it wasn’t for Dave I’m pretty sure I would just stay indoors and not venture outside until the daffodils make an appearance. Hand warmers are definitely a must for those five am dog walks.


This moa green balm, a perfect all round balm that can be used on everything from itchy skin, bites, stings to a face balm, just to name a few. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, I have been carrying it around in my handbag and pulling it out every single time someone ask for a beauty product or some kind of relief. The balm is made with yarrow and tea tree, in fact the whole product is a 100% natural and is made in England. I have already ordered Moa’s entire range. Think pawpaw cream but vegan friendly, this has really helped my chapped lips and my nose after almost a week of blowing it.


I have been using my dermalogica skin care products for two months now and my skin is definitely showing an improvement. Dermalogica has been an absolute God send through Christmas, all those parties, late nights and faces full of make up have definitely not been good for my sensitive skin.


How cute are these slippers, I’m bloody in love with them! Just looking at them makes me so incredibly happy, a bargain at only £4 in the new look sale. I must have six or seven pairs of slippers because in these colder months my little piggies need to be kept warm.


I absolutely love the let them eat cake bath and shower foam ( who won’t want to spend the day smelling like delicious cake ) gone have my summer citrus scents, now it’s colder out I much prefer using winter scents, I’m really loving the winter candy Apple.


We all know by now what a fan girl I am when it comes to Zoella, so when Jamie treated me to her Christmas range I was over the moon and impressed that he actually been listening to me for the last six months. And what says winter more than the constant scent of gingerbread. I swear I must just smell delicious all day long, either that or my work colleagues think my cake addiction has become so bad that I now have it stuffed in my pockets.


The colder months are definitely the best chocolate months, I hadn’t even finished opening my Christmas presents when the shop down the road started selling Easter treats. And yes I may have bought one of everything, including a particularly large Easter egg, there is something about seasonal chocolates that just taste better. Chocolate santas and chocolate Easter eggs just taste better than a bar of chocolate, I’m telling you its science. And then the fact you can’t buy it all year round that makes me go a little mad and buy it all up.


Winter makes my skin so dry, so its super important that I take extra special care of it in winter. Which means making sure I remember to take my make up before bed and apply night cream. I have tried so many different wipes, but usually my skin ends up blotchy and itchy but these Nivea, 3 in 1 cleansing wipes seem to work well with my eczema prone skin and take off all my make up including my waterproof mascara.

What favourites get you through the winter months?


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