December favourites

December favourites

I thought I would do a little round-up of some of my favourite products in December. Some of these are really old but I am only just discovering them which make them shiny and new to me. Here are some of the things I have been utterly obsessed with in December. One thing I thought I would never ever say is there is actually more beauty products in my favourites than food ( I know, I’m shocked to )!


During winter my skin greats so dry and my eczema gets a lot worse so it is incredibly important for my skin that I moisturize and I have been keeping it super simple with Nivea products. I have been using Nivea rich moisturizing day cream during the day, covering myself from head to toe after my morning shower and applying it to my arms and neck thought out the day. After my evening bath I have been using Nivea irresistibly smooth body lotion, both creams are super cheap, simple and great for dry skin.


Hair products are definitely the product that I worry about most when it comes to chemicals, have you noticed that they all smell artificial. So when I opened my vertue box and saw Green people, quinoa and artichoke conditioner I let out a little scream, I was so excited to try this product that I cancelled my evening plans for a night of hair washing. The conditioner smells more like an expensive face mask rather than hair conditioner ( I have made every one I’ve meant over Christmas smell my hair ). This product has already become a firm favourite and has replaced my normal chemical packed conditioner, my hair is so impressed that it’s been super shiny all week.


I bought this Loreal nude rose palette months ago and have not really used it, usually I use my Maybelline palette. But during December I thought I would give it a second chance, and thank goodness I did because I fell in love with it, each shadow is cream based which makes it super easy to blend. And I even experimented with colour, although you might not think it’s very colourful ( usually I just wear the sand tones ) for me it’s really colourful. The colour lasted well and I felt comfortable and confident wearing each shade.


How freakin amazing does salted caramel spread sound?! Not going to lie I may have eaten it straight from the jar with my finger, totally not sorry.


During December I have been obsessed with Tanya Burr’s glitter eyeliner, I got these out of her advent calendar and used them nearly everyday since. No matter how much I try I can’t use liquid liner, which might have something to do with my left eye being extremely lazy. When I try my left eye liner looks perfect and my right looks like a piece of black tape has been stuck on my eyelid, certainly not the sexy siren look I try for. But with these it’s not so obvious when I mess up a little and they helped me go from day to-night make up in seconds.


After months of telling myself I didn’t need a fitbit, I finally gave in and got one, and its brilliant, I absolutely love it. I’m trying my hardest not to get obsessed with the numbers but it has made me super aware of how much I move and exactly how far I walk daily. I always love that it tracks my sleep which has allowed me to make a few changes to my night-time routine. I can’t wait to use it in the gym and give it a real workout.


No one in this whole wide world loves Harry Potter more than I do, so when Jamie’s beautiful cousin got me a golden snitch necklace I was instantly in love. Plus I feel extra magical when I wear it.


If I’m not eating cake I want to smell like cake or at least a tasty dessert. I have become obsessed with all things let them eat cake and turning my shower into what I imagine Willy Wonkers chocolate factory to smell like. Now that the cooler months are upon us I stitch my bath products from fruity, citrus scents to more cream, chocolatey based scents. And at Christmas I like to swap all my bath products for Christmas scents ( you have to make the most out of Christmas after all ) and who doesn’t want to smell like a fairy cake.  Although it’s not very good for my jeans because smelling like dessert all day makes me crave cake in the evenings ( like I really needed an excuse ).


How gorgeous is this charm bracelet, Jamie had it made for me with all my favourite things as charms. Jamie always buys me the sweetest most thoughtful of presents and I absolutely love it.

What have been your favourite December products?



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