Hello 2017

Hello 2017

I’m so freakin excited to say happy New Year! I have been waiting patiently for the last three weeks for this day. Usually I’m not fan of New year’s day but I’m feeling so incredibly positive that I couldn’t let the day pass without sharing my new years resolutions. I’m definitely not a fan of giving things up at New year, instead I change the wording to keep each resolution positive to give myself the best possible chance of finishing them. Such as, instead of wanting to lose weight I’m going to spend 2017 looking after my health. One resolution that I’m most excited about is spending more time self caring, the last 12 months have been extremely testing and its about time I spent more looking after my physical and mental health.

I’m excited to share my ten New year’s resolutions with you, so here we go………….


1. To set time aside every single week to self-care.

2. Visit Edinburgh.

3. To run a half marathon.

4. Upload four vlogs a month.

5. Read 20 books.

6. Spend the summer exploring the UK.

7. Spend more time with friends.

8. Surprise Jamie more.

9. Find a new job.

10. Do vlogmas 2017.

I’m so incredibly excited to get started on my new years resolutions, I’m such a lucky girl, with an incredibly blessed life. I just know 2017 is going to be an amazing year for me and my family and I can’t wait to share it all with you, the highs and the lows, so let’s get started.

What are your New Years resolutions?



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