Tanya Burr advent calendar

Tanya Burr advent calendar

One of my absolute highlights from this December was the discovery of the beauty advent calendar! Although I only started small this year with just buying a couple to see if I liked them. I now have a money-box purely to save for every single beauty advent calendar I can get my mitts on next year. It’s hard to believe that this time last year I probably only owned five basic pieces of make up and now I need an entire room just to put all my make up. I’m rambling again, back to my favourite beauty advent calendar of 2016 and its Tanya Burr’s, ok so I’m slightly biased about this calender because when it comes to YouTubers I’m like a 13-year-old girl. There’s something about peering into people’s everyday lives that I just love, and unfortunately for the 32-year-old woman in me that extends to buying anything and everything they make. But to be fair this calender is so incredibly pretty it’s hard not to want it, pretty pastel colours and glitter and I’m anybody’s!


// Glitter rain, nail polish // Sleigh bells, nail polish // Glitters and gold, nail polish //

The Tanya Burr advent calendar is a 12 day calender which allows you all the fun of opening one but leaves you with lots of pretty make up ready for the party season.

At this time of year who doesn’t love a good glitter nail polish and although I get my nails done fortnightly I now plan on adding my own layer of glitter after a week so my nails will look different every single week with hardly any effort.


// Berry Pavlova, lip gloss // Candy cane, lip gloss // Christmas stocking, lip gloss //

I’m already utterly obsessed with the Tanya Burr lip glosses, unfortunately I already had two of these colours from another gift set and would have loved different colours but least they will keep me going. Easy to apply and the colours sit really nice, sometimes with lip glosses the colours aren’t as bold once applied to the lips but these keep their colour and leave your lips truly kissable.


// Compact mirror // Nail file //

These were pretty basic, my biggest wish was that the mirror had a lid on it but overall not bad products, perfect for keeping in your handbag, which at the rate I throw things into it will soon be a suitcase.


// Champagne sparkle, eye shimmer // Snow day, eye shimmer //

I do get a little obsessed with eye colours, think it takes me back to my teenage years when eyeshadow was the only make up I would wear, mainly because it was the only piece of make up I could apply, although we don’t talk about 1997-1999 when I only wore lilac eyeshadow because I thought it bought out the green in my eyes. I’m excited to try these two colours, as I much prefer light eyeshadow ( expect for lilac now ) anything darker makes me look like a zombie.


// Ice crystals, glitter liner // Treasured, glitter liner //

These little glitter liners were my favourite products in the calendar, no matter how much I try I can’t use liquid liner, which might have something to do with my left eye being extremely lazy. When I try my left eye liner looks perfect and my right looks like a piece of black tape has been stuck on my eyelid, certainly not the sexy siren look I try for. But with these it’s not so obvious when I mess up a little and they helped me go from day to night make up in seconds.

I already miss Christmas, although I’m excited for Valentine’s day and then it will be Christmas 2017 before we know it and my house will be filled with even more beauty products.


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