Primark make up, good or bad?!

Primark make up, good or bad?!

// Gold compact mirror £1 // Shimmer duo eyeshadow // 9 shade eye palette //

I remember the first time I ever stepped into a primark, I was sixteen years old and absolutely amazed by how cheap the clothes were. In fact my favourite ever jeans came from primark in 2000 and cost only £4, and lasted me til 2013 before I had to finally throw them away. Over the years my style may have changed, I have moved on from buying all my clothes from primark, instead just buying wardrobe basics. But part of my heart still lays with all the outfits that shaped my style in my late teens.

Over the last couple of years I have seen the range of products they sell grow and grow, and the most fascinating of them all is their make up range PS. So I decided I would put it to the test, over the last couple of months I have tried pretty much all the make up I could get my hands on to see if make up for a £1 was an amazing bargain or not worth the trip out. And I was pretty surprised with some of the products on sale, so some of the products weren’t worth the effort of leaving your house but some have made it into my daily make up routine. And I thought I would share some of my favourites with you, so next time you are in primark you could try them for yourself.


// Waterproof mascara £2 // Volumising mascara £1 //


// Brow pencil, light £1 // Brow pencil, medium £1 // Brow & wax pencil, light //


// Concealer, light £1 //


// Velvet matte lipstick crayon // High shine lipstick crayon, amethyst //


// Kohl eyeliner, dark orchid £1 // Smudger eyeliner, black £1 //



// Lip liner pencil, aubergine 50p //


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