Dermalogica face care!

Dermalogica face care!

Warning!!!! Very unflattering picture, brace yourself!

wp_20161110_408 is an amazing ” all things beauty ” social media platform, it has every makeup look you could possibly ever want to try, nail inspiration and easy to follow tutorials. Best of all each look has a difficulty rating, perfect for me as we all know that I’m still a beginner when it comes to make up. A couple of months ago got in touch with me about my skin care routine *cough,cough I’m awful when it comes to skin care, cough, cough*. They had teamed up with dermalogica for the ” my face, my story” campaign and wanted to know if I would tell my story, so here we go ( for all you that have good skin care routines you might want look away now, this story is scary ).


I never really knew the importance of skin care until I hit 30, I swear I remember looking in my mirror on the eve of my 30th birthday and being thankful that I didn’t have any wrinkles, although waking on my 30th birthday I had suddenly developed wrinkles under my eyes, it was a very sad time. In my late teens and twenties I partied a little too hard, usually wearing the same make up for days and not really caring about my skin at all, after all I had youth on my side. I have never worn sun cream and worse of all there was a couple of years in my twenties when I was obsessed with sunbeds. And even now I look at my skin and think it’s holding up well, or so I thought.


Dermalogica invited me along for a skin mapping session at a local beauty salon who stocked and specialised in dermalogica products, now I have had facials done and I go for regular waxing but have always wondered if products they sell are really any good or just over priced ( I’m the same at the hairdressers ). A little bit worried that I was just going to have a sales pitch thrown at me while a woman judged my poor skin care I braced myself for an uncomfortable hour. Luckily it wasn’t at all like that ( thank god ), skin mapping allows the beautican to see what products would work best for your skin by dividing your face into fourteen zones, each zone is looked at and touched individually allowing to pinpoint any problem area and to give you the best possible advice. Skin mapping roughly takes 10 minutes, although mine took 45 minutes as she explained everything to me. Now I was expecting a couple of black heads and to be told I had combination skin and what I was told shocked me so much that I got rather upset ( thankfully the lady was absolutely wonderful ).


The biggest, most upsetting issue with my skin ( although I don’t know I was surprised ) was the amount of sun damage I had, in fact I have six areas of pigmentation. The second big shock to me was that despite getting through my teens without acne, I now have adult acne ( thank you gym life ).  I also have comedones, milias and dilated capillaries, not to mention the fact that my skin is extremely dehydrated. And although I had noticed some issues with my face it’s really rather upsetting to be told it to your face. So Katie spent the following hour writing me out a skin care routine and showing me each of the products and allowing me to feel each cream and showed me how to use each one correctly and at what times of the day. Although the results were scary and very upsetting the whole experience was extremely wonderful, I felt more comfortable moving forward and most importantly I now felt like I have all the information to look after my skin. I would highly recommend skin mapping to everyone, it is such a detailed look at your face and allows you to find out, about every inch of your face.


Katie recommend I used four products the precleanse, special cleansing gel, daily microfoliant and the intensive moisture balance. Armed with all the information I needed I have been able to use the products religiously. Dermalogica believe in double cleansing so I have been using the precleanse followed by the special cleansing gel. I only use the precleanse in the morning after my gym session, the precleanse is an oil but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and it really gets any stubborn dirt or make up, definitely leaves my skin feeling clean. The special cleansing gel is a foaming gel cleanses that lathers up in your hands, the bottles are quite large and you only need such a small amount, ive been using them for four weeks now and the bottles are still nearly half full.


Once my cleansing is all done I move onto exfoliating with the daily microfoliant, although it’s daily my skin mapping actually recommend that I only use it twice a week. The daily mircofoliant is actually a powder that you apply to very wet hands to form a paste, it has taken me a couple of weeks to get this right. I end my new skin care routine with the intensive balance, which I use twice a day. I honestly can’t tell you enough how skin mapping has changed my life, I know I’ve been bad with my skin but not anymore, thanks to skin mapping there is no scary trips to boots where I just look confused stood in front of lots of cream, instead I know exactly what to use, how to use it and how often.


I will be sharing another post after Christmas with detailed pictures of my face every week through the eight weeks that I would have been using it, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to book in for your skin mapping.


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