50 ways to make Winter happy

50 ways to make Winter happy

We are only a couple of weeks away from the official start of winter, although it already feels like we are there. Winter is my least favourite time of year, once Christmas is over it just feels long, dark and cold and although I don’t ¬†personally suffer from S.A.D, I know lots of people do and I feel like it’s super important at this time of year to keep an eye on your mental health and make sure you are doing something every single day to make yourself happy. So I thought I would share my 50 ways to make Winter happy and hopefully you won’t get to blue after Christmas ends and the fairy lights go back away.


1. Visit a Christmas market, there’s still a couple of weeks left.
2. Go ice skating.
3. Make homemade soup.
4. Try skiing ( indoor skiing counts ).
5. Wrap up super warm and go for a long walk.
6. Invite friends over for a board game evening.
7. Make homemade marshmallows.
8. Write a list of new years resolutions.
9. And work on them.
10. If your lucky enough to get snow, have a snowball fight.


11. Spend a day watching Disney movies and eating your favourite sweets
12. Try a new restaurant.
13. Build a fire and get cosy.
14. Write a letter to a pen pal or even your future self.
15. Declutter your wardrobe.
16. Have breakfast in bed.
17. Visit an elderly neighbour.
18. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter.
19. Try a new hobby, I am going to try knitting.
20. Join a local group and make some new friends.


21. Try all the drinks at your local cafe shop.
22. Visit your local library.
23. Visit a city and explore a new area.
24. Make plans for your spring garden.
25. Make pancakes.
26. Arrange your photographs/Make a photo album.
27. Visit a sauna/spa
28. Try indoor rock climbing.
29. Visit a trampoline park.
30. Have a weekend away in the countryside.


31. Build a blanket fort and read your favourite book.
32. With the clear nights try star-gazing.
33. Make a winter wreath.
34. Make a bird feeder ready for spring.
35. Have a pyjama day and watch all the Harry Potter movies.
36. Donate food to a food bank.
37. Bake cookies.
38. Make your own bath bombs.
39. Visit a national trust site.
40. Visit that friend you haven’t seen in ages.


41. Have a bathroom spa evening.
42. Start a journal.
43. Go thrift store shopping.
44. Take time to self-care.
45. Aim to sleep eight hours a day.
46. Try a hairstyle.
47. Use that gym membership.
48. Have a night out with your friends.
49. Ring your mum/dad for a chat.
50. Plan something special for Valentine’s day.

Hope you are excited for winter and all the wonderful things you can do and enjoy.


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