Autumn favourites

Autumn favourites

I thought I would try something a little different here, normally I do my monthly favourites but I thought I would share with you what I have been using to survive the Autumn months. Now I am the biggest baby when it comes to the cold, I hate it so much and my eczema prone skin hates it even more. However I love Autumn so much, the world just becomes a prettier place to be so you can see my dilemma, my mind loves Autumn but my body hates it and don’t even get me started on what it does to my hair!  So as you can imagine it takes a lot of work for me just to leave my house, here is some of the things that have helped me through the last three months and pray I survive the winter.


My skin really suffers in the colder months and I feel like I’m constantly applying body lotion. In my handbag I always carry a bottle of Nivea lotion, definitely one of the cheaper lotions on the market and perfect for applying on the go. Although it doesn’t really smell of anything other than soap, it is so thick and a little goes a long way.  It sinks quickly into my skin, probably because my skin always seems dehydrated, there is nothing worse than a lotion that just sits on your skin. A basic cream that does exactly what it says on the bottle.


So I use the nivea body lotion during the day but in the evening, specially after my evening bath I cover myself from head to toe in the Garnier ultimate blends body nourishing lotion. This works really well for my skin, I suffer rather bad with eczema so having a bath dries my skin out quite a lot ( I really shouldn’t have a bath everyday ) so its super important that I moisture my skin. Once I’m covered in it I put on a clean pair on pyjamas and leave the lotion to sink in and make my skin super soft.


I am not going to write too much about this PS 9 shades eye palette because I have a whole post coming about Primarks PS make up range so keep your pretty peepers peeled.


I feel like I have written so much about this Lush sex bomb bath bomb this week, so I’m not going to bore you any more with it, just know it has been making my Autumn baths super pretty.


There is no way on this earth I could have ignored Zoellas new lifestyle range, I may be 32 but when it comes to Zoella I’m like a 12-year-old girl. I can’t remember where I picked up this set, but it was either superdrug or boots and it has saved my life on these freezing cold morning. You can not have enough travel mugs and this one is super cute, and the gloves are perfect for me. Due to having extremely long nails I can only wear fingerless gloves and this fit perfectly and are super soft. So from the outside I look like a warm organised adult but inside I’m smiling because I have Zoella products keeping my life together.


Summer may be long over, not that we really got one in the UK but I’m not ready to give up my pink lips just yet! My ultimate favourite pink lipstick is Tanya Burrs lipstick in central park. The ware isn’t as long-lasting as some of my lipsticks and you will have to reapply it a couple of times during the day but the colour is amazing. It’s a hot pink without being too in your face, I absolutely love it and will be picking my new years eve dress based on wearing this lipstick.


If I’m not eating cake I want to smell like cake or at least a tasty desert. I have become obsessed with all things let them eat cake and turning my shower into what I imagine Willy Wonkers chocolate factory to smell like. Now that the cooler months are upon us I stitch my bath products from fruity, citrus scents to more cream, chocolatey based scents. Although it’s not very good for my jeans because smelling like dessert all day makes me crave cake in the evenings ( like I really needed an excuse ).


I’m not sure where my recent Ted Baker obsession has come from but it seems to be here to stay. One of my favourite things about this time of year is all the Christmas gift sets in shops, some with limited edition products in them so it would be rude not to buy myself some presents. These Ted Baker products came from a Christmas gift set and smell incredible, soon my bathroom will be so full I won’t be able to open my bathroom door. Definitely planning a bathroom make over in the new year to add lots of storage. I love using the Ted Baker pink collection before an evening out it self gorgeous and leaves me feeling extra confident.


I feel like I neglect my skin during the summer months, I don’t mean to but I don’t really wear make up when it’s warm so I just forget. So when Autumn happens I feel like my skin needs a little extra TCL, and I am the biggest fan of 7th heaven face makes, my personal favourite being black seaweed peel off face ( part me thinks it’s because it’s peel off and that’s the most satisfying feeling the world ). These masks are amazing and for less than a pound I really have no excuse for forgetting, I have been using them twice a week during the whole of Autumn and my skin feels so soft.


I have literally worn this hat every single day for the last two months, hats are definitely my favourite thing about Autumn! And I absolutely love primarks hat selection, this little beauty was only £2 which meant I was able to buy it in every colour. Not to mention the fact that a good hat gets you through those awful hair days when you leave the house with perfect sleek hair and by the time you get into your car it looks like a bird has taken up home in it.


Ok so there is nothing sexy about a hot water bottle, or so you thought! I received this hot water bottle in my November Tirol subscription box and its made from a 100% virgin wool from sheep that live in the Austrian Tirol region. I love getting cosy in the evenings with my water bottle and big fleece blanket whilst watching movies. Imagine how many I’m going to need to make it through January, plus a good water bottle is needed to get through period pains regardless of how warm it is outside.


This might sound awful and a little bit sad and wasteful but I would love to win the lottery just so I can have new socks every single day. That new sock feeling is better than the clean bed sheets feeling. I never walk around bare footed I absolutely hate it, the second I take my shoes off, socks get put on! My favourite socks at the moment come from New Look, I am utterly obsessed with socks and spend so much money on them. And it’s no wonder when they are so cute, no sock collection is complete without some unicorns and pugs. New look socks are three for £5 the perfect price to keep your little piggies happy and stylish.

What have you been loving during these cooler months?


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