Small happy moments // 009

Small happy moments // 009

“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu

Ok, ok I know I have been a little random with my blog posts lately ( don’t worry I have lots and lots written now for the next week of weeks ) but honestly  just needed a break, a break from blogging and basically a break from being an adult. I just got to the point where I need a break and to spend lots of quality time with my family and friends and just enjoying their company. I love every aspect of my life, I’m extremely lucky to be doing what I’m doing and never take anything for granted but a big part of this blog is about being happy and for me being happy has a lot to do with my health both mentally and physically and in the last year my physical health has really suffered and my mental health has definitely been pushed to its limits. So I turned everything off and took some time for myself which is perfectly fine and if anything should be done more often and by everyone, I am now feeling refreshed, full of ideas and excited to get going again. So I’m not going to go into too much detail about what I have been doing with my friends and family ( basically it was lots of cuddles, tears and laughs ) but here are some of the little moments from the last week which have left me smiling and more positive than ever.


My absolute favourite way to relax is to light some candles, play some classical music and sink into a hot deep bath for a couple of hours. I swear bath time is the only time my phone isn’t in my hand, mainly because I’m clumsy and just know I would drop it into the water. I am utterly obsessed with lush bath bombs at the moment, with sex bomb being my absolute favourite ( just in case Santa was wondering ) and if you love lush too, you can hear about me losing my Lush virginity tomorrow morning.


While I have been taking some time to myself I got my butt into the gym, when I’m sweating I feel so much better in myself. I have really been pushing myself and working so hard to get back on track and fall back in love with gym. And when I’ve worked hard in the gym I feel mentally strong and ready to take on the world.


Last week was the first of December and you know what that means, the Christmas countdown has truly begun and I’m so freakin excited. I would love a chocolate calendar for every single month, it would certainly make getting through January easier. And now that I’m older I am absolutely loving all the different advert calendars you can get, I’m especially loving Tanya Burr’s and the Yankee candle ones.


( Sorry about the poor picture, but you get the idea ) Me and some friends went for a game of bingo, I am utterly obsessed with it. I have started going once a week during the week, it’s such a good night and super cheap ( compared to nights out on the town ). I have been going for about six months now and am yet to even win a button but that hasn’t stopped me, we go for dinner and a catch up more than anything and are forever being told off for giggling.


Me and Jamie went on a dinner and movie date in the week, he had me at dinner. Despite being full on dinner, you can’t go the cinema and not get  large popcorn, it a like the law! So in my oldest, snuggly jumper I curled up to Jamie in the dark and watched Fantastic beasts and where to find them. Now the Harry Potter films are in my top three films ever and I’m sure they always will, so I had super high hopes for this movie. Unfortunately I thing they were too high because I didn’t love this film and that makes my heart-break a little. I enjoyed the story dearly but I felt that the cast let it down a lot and the fact Johnny Depps in it pissed me off no end. And I didn’t like the magical world set in America, specially as in the Harry Potter movies all talk of magical beasts were about them in Europe. However I’m committed now and will have to watch the rest to see how it pans out.


Every moment I get to spend with this beautiful boy makes my heart skip a beat and my tail wag. What’s not to love about this gorgeous furry face.


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