November favourites

November favourites

I thought I would do a little round-up of some of my favourite products in November. Some of these are really old but I am only just discovering them which make them shiny and new to me. Here are some of the things I have been utterly obsessed with in November. One thing I thought I would never ever say is there is actually more beauty products in my favourites than food ( I know, I’m shocked to )!

By now I thought I would have used every possible bath product but it turns out that there is still a few I am yet to try including let them eat cake ( raspberry Pavlova ) and I love mango cheesecake. Both shower creams smells as good as they sound and are both gentle enough for my eczema covered skin.


It is very rare that I shampoo my own hair, usually I just condition my hair and leave shampooing to my hairdresser but I got this Garnier shampoo in a subscription box so I thought I would give it a go. Now I don’t normally shampoo my hair because it’s such a pain to dry and shampoo gives it a chewing gum texture but ( luckily ) this ultimate blends shampoo made it feel lovely and smell incredible. I may have changed my mind now about often I shampoo it.


My favourite product each month from my little box is the my little beauty products, always high quality and beautifully packaged. I absolutely adore the brand, November’s product was a gel make up remover which was a dream to use and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and believe me my skin needs the hydration.


I have a ps make up haul post coming soon so I have been testing lots of primarks make up collection with surprising results. My favourite piece from the collection is the waterproof mascara, at £2.50 I wasn’t convinced that it would be waterproof but it was and actually made my lashes look fuller. With such a small price tag it is perfect for keeping in your handbag for touch ups during the day.


I’m guessing Ted Baker body spray isn’t a new thing but in my world it is and I love them. There are times when I want to freshen up but don’t want to waste my perfume, like during work or on my way home from the gym so having several of these body sprays in different bags is a perfect sweet inexpensive way to smell lovely. Forget your impulse days because body spray has gotten all grown up.


This chocolate has lasted me over the week. It’s not a chocolate that you just sit there and wolf down; eating this chocolate is an event in itself. Once you have eaten Tirol chocolate, made from the milk of Tyrol grey cattle, other chocolate will never taste the same again. I received this chocolate in my November Tirol box and I don’t know how to get anymore of it, I may never taste its sweetness again and that makes me sad.


I run because I like cake gym top was totally made for me!! Believe me cake is the only reason I run! Only £6 from George at Asda it is a total bargain.


In a bid to get back on my fitness journey I have started using organic baobab powder in my porridge mainly because it is high in vitamin c and because I work in a hospital I need to keep my immune system healthy, so I stay healthy. I really love this and the fact it’s in powder form means it is super easy to fit into my day.

What have you been loving during November?


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