Christmas at Chatsworth house

Christmas at Chatsworth house


There is two things you need to know about this blog post before we get started, one I have taken a ridiculous amount of pictures so you will definitely need a big hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows, a cosy chair and a big fluffy blanket. Secondly it may only be November but you are about to see some of the most beautifully decorated Christmas trees ever. So get comfy and step into a wonderful Christmas wonderland. ( one more thing some of the pictures are a little grainy, I’m sorry it was so dark ).


Feeling more than a little smug that I have finished all my Christmas shopping I decided it was time to start enjoying the Christmas season, in my family November is known as pre Christmas. So I braved the awful British weather and made the two hour drive singing very badly to little mix all the way to Chatsworth house in the peak district. Chatsworth house is my favourite stately home in the UK and has been for the last 20 years. I have so many fond memories of being a child running around the stunning gardens with my brother and sister.


Each Christmas Chatsworth house opens a select number of rooms decorated in the theme of the year, this years theme was the nutcracker which was clear in each of the rooms.


“OMG Its Christmas!”



A beautiful ballerina appeared and treated us to the most beautiful of dances, the room went from giggles and belly laughs to complete silence while she dance.


Never forget to look up! How incredible is this ceiling, there isn’t an inch of this house that isn’t gorgeous and even after twenty years of visiting I’m still discovering new art works and perfect little details.


This tree was incredible, easily ten foot and covered in fresh flowers,the second you stepped in the room all you could smell was the sweet scent have flowers with a hint of Christmas. I would love to be able to have a tree dressed with flowers, I think I would just have my face planted in between the branches for the whole of December. I’m pretty sure I got a couple of funny looks as I smelt each of the flowers that I could reach.


I would happily volunteer to help eat this gingerbread village after Christmas, it would be rude not to really! I was slightly tempted to lick it to make sure it was real.


I told you there was lots of beautifully decorated trees. If only I could have a Christmas tree or two in each of my rooms although I think Jamie might have an absolute fit at even the idea of it.


I Knew if I pretended to be Elizabeth Bennett for long enough I would eventually find Mr Darcy, he was the strong silent type!


“In Pride and Prejudice, Chatsworth was used as Pemberley, the residence of Mr. Darcy. It is believed that Jane Austen actually based her idea of Pemberley on Chatsworth House as she wrote the novel while in Bakewell.

“The eye was instantly caught by Pemberley House, situated on the opposite side of the valley into which the road into some abruptness wound.”

“It was a large, handsome, stone building standing well on rising ground, and backed by a ridge of high woody hills; and in front, a stream of some natural importance was swelled into greater, but without any artificial appearance. Its banks were neither formal, nor falsely adorned.”

Chatsworth was also mentioned in the novel as one of the estates Elizabeth Bennet visits before arriving at Pemberley.”


The gardens are just as beautiful as the house itself, although much prettier in the summer but still worth a visit any time of the year. Luckily for you I took lots and lots of pictures so you can stay nice and warm, I’m sure you need another hot chocolate by now.


The frosty mornings may now be upon us but Autumn isn’t ready to give up yet, nature is still full of the most beautiful colours and textures.



Eventually I emerged from the gardens ready for a little more Christmas joy which I found in the form of one of the nicest Christmas markets I have ever visited. Placed in front of the house so if you like you can just visit the market although it closes at 5pm and to miss the house would be a real shame. But if your short on time the market is beautiful and has some of the most incredible food stalls I have ever tasted. A lot of the food is produced locally and passionately, my taste buds were in heaven, my personal favourite stall was the pork pie stall. You haven’t had a good pork pie until you have had one with black pudding in, after only ten minutes I had a basket full of goodies and a belly full of hot chocolate.


You made it to the end, thank you. Hopefully you are now in the Christmas spirit and ready to have your own Christmas adventures, if you think you can handle a little more Christmas joy than why not check out my vlog from the day.


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