My little box // November

My little box // November

It only seems like yesterday that I received my October edition of My little box and my November box is already here. Still my absolute favourite subscription box, its like a surprise present to yourself every single month. And I absolutely love surprises. Let me know in the comments below which subscription box is your favourite because I need more in my life, more prettiest and more surprises. This month’s box theme is goodnight and possibly my favourite box yet.


Bedtime is possibly my favourite time of the day, I love my bed time ritual from having a long hot bubble bath to climbing into cute pyjamas before spraying myself with a bit of perfume and falling into bed. And this month my little box has everything you need to get a good night’s sleep.


Jamie has actually stole this off me and he is loving it, so much in fact that he has hidden it from me. This is the first time I have received a high street brand in my box which I rather enjoyed, not quite a full size but much bigger than a travel size perfect for a weekend away.


Now I know im not the only person to this but just before I get into bed I like to put on a little perfume, and it must be a lot more common than I thought because this month’s box comes with Yves Rocher accord chic, secrets de essence. I probably wouldn’t buy this scent if I was to smell it in a shop but I have been using it for the last week and its slowly growing on. It smells like the perfume that your grandmother wore on special occasions and I’m not sure that’s the memory you want as you are climbing into bed.


Every month my little box comes with a my little beauty product, this month’s was a gel make up remover which works so well and easily removes my waterproof mascara. Now I have no excuses not to remember to remove my make up.


Now when I’m in my own bed nothing on this earth stops me sleeping, not even Jamie trying to move me after I’ve fallen asleep in the shape of a starfish. But the second I’m staying away nothing gets me to sleep, I have a goodnights sleep bag which I always travel with which contains lots of lavender products, a big pair of fluffy socks, ear plugs and now this eye mask. Super soft and extremely pretty I can’t wait for my next plane journey so I can show it off in public.


What I absolutely love about my little box is that their products are always so cute. I mean seriously how cute is this little jewellery holder, I think this is definitely my favourite ever product from my little box and now keeps my engagement ring safe while I sleep.


As alway the box came with the My little world magazine and by far my favourite article is 5 ways to love yourself better. Because self care is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and what better why to self care than getting a good night’s sleep.


How cute is this illustration?! I have already put it in a cute little photo frame next to bed because “I don’t want to sleep. I just want to dream” which sums up my life to a tee.

What is your favourite subscription box?


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