Christmas fitness challenge // Week three & four

Christmas fitness challenge // Week three & four

Sorry I missed last weeks post but I needed a week away from blogging and I’ve had a weeks holiday away from work because sometimes fitness isn’t just about the physical side sometimes it’s about your mental health. And I have been working non stop for the last couple of months, and getting over my four weeks of vertigo add into that that I am fully booked from 6am- 10pm for the next couple of months even over Christmas. So I needed some time to rest and catch up with family because I’m going to need to be at my fighting best to get through the next couple of months.

Glorious, glorious exercise!

I haven’t managed to get to the gym in the last week but I have been fighting in workouts at home where I can. I am absolutely loving doing the body coach workouts on YouTube and best of all you can do a hiit workout in 15 minutes with no equipment and in your living room so there is no excuse for not doing some exercise. Jamie has also treated me to a fitbit charge HR which has made incredibly aware about how much I am moving my body in fact I have been walking a couple of next miles each day just to get my steps up and allow me to hit my daily goals. A lot of my problems at the moment with exercise is poor time management and I have lost some confidence in myself but I have booked three personal trainer sessions for next week in a bid to build myself up again because I know once I feel confident again I will be just as addicted as before. The truth is that it’s so easy to fall back into old habits and throw away all your hard work.


Glorious food!

My food as been pretty good the last couple of weeks there has been a treat or two but I have managed to control my extreme cake obsession, in fact I haven’t had any in two weeks instead I have been eating a square of dark chocolate in the evenings to satisfy my sweet tooth and it seems to be working. And again since I have got my fitbit I have become even more aware of calories, I add all my food into the app and can see what I have to do to burn off the calories, I have become extremely aware of how few calories your body normally burns and how many calories some foods have. It is all about balance and if I want a treat I can see that I need to do more exercise that day having the numbers there, right in front of me it means I definitely have no excuses.

I have also started using organic baobab powder in my porridge mainly because it is high in vitamin c and because I work in a hospital I need to keep my immune system healthy, so I stay healthy. I have also started eating even more fruits and vegetables to make such I am getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need.


Goals for next week!

1. Keep trying to eat better ( no excuses ).
2. Aim to lose 2lbs.
3. Try and do some extra gym sessions.
4. Have a mini pamper session.

Those glorious feelings!

Another week and I’m disappointed again I’m trying my hardest to stay positive and keep going but it’s really hard. But I have plenty of reasons to keep going, this is definitely not about wanting to look thin it’s about wanting to be strong and healthy. I want to prove to myself that I can do it that I am stronger than I know and that I can do anything I set my mind to. And having a bad week allows you to move forward to a more positive place so I may have fallen now but I will stand again and I will be stronger than ever!!

Week three lose :- 1lb
Week four lose :- 2lbs
Total lose:- 6lbs


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