Small happy moments // 007

Small happy moments // 007

I truly believe that most people are unhappy because their life isn’t how they pictured it in their heads. Most people are waiting for that job promotion, their next holiday or even for the weekend for what they think will bring them happiness. However by wasting time waiting you will be missing out on so many small happy moments. Here’s some of my small happy moments that have put a smile on my face recently.

You know that Christmas is just a couple of mince pies away when every drink you buy comes in a Christmas themed cup and that’s definitely ok with me. I am like a small child when it comes to Christmas and my rule of thumb is, when coffee shops start selling Christmas drinks it’s time to start celebrating the best holiday of the year. It is the only time of year that I drink hot chocolate too ( I love hot chocolate but try and only have it as a treat ) and my absolute favourite at the moment is costas toasted marshmallow hot chocolate that comes with gold glitter marshmallows.


I’m pretty sure at this point that I only get my nails done now so that I can take pictures of my engagement ring. I absolutely love my engagement ring, I adore being engaged to Jamie and our happy little world is just perfect. Whenever I’m having a hard day at work I just look at my left hand and know that soon enough I will be closing my front door on the outside world and stepping into our world.


I can’t tell you how incredible Jamie’s family is, all of them and last week I spent the afternoon with his cousin Carla and her most beautiful six week old son Oscar. We did some shopping and had a good old chat over lunch ( I ordered goats cheese, red onion chutney on crumpets, even more delicious than it sounds ). I don’t have any cousins so it’s such a wonderful feeling to be welcomed into another family, specially a family that is so close and loving.


I spent Thursday night having a bit of a pamper session which included a hour long facial which I may or may not have fallen asleep during. It has taken the best part of 30 years to feel comfortable in my own skin and learn to love myself. And now I’m making sure I look after myself both physically and mentally, part of this includes treating myself to some beauty treatments and taking that time out of my busy life to look after myself.


I was lucky enough to receive is beautiful subscription box, Tirol box is a luxury subscription box full of handmade products from the Austrian alps. When I started this little blog I just wanted away to share my happiness with others and I could never have dreamt that it would have turned into what it has become. Every single day I feel blessed to be doing what I love so very deeply and can only hope that it continues to grow.


I managed to watch one of the last of the beautiful Autumn sunrises, I live in such a quiet part of town that I can stand in my garden with a cup of tea and watch the sunrise in silence, while that’s until Dave wants some attention. One day I would love to live in the countryside with absolutely no neighbours, just beautiful sunrises every single morning and a hundred dogs running around or maybe just three or four.


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