Extra special advent calendar

Extra special advent calendar

Christmas truly is the most special time of year and every year I try and add a new Christmas tradition to it, last year we spent the day visiting a Christmas tree farm and drinking hot chocolate ( I can’t wait for this year’s trip ) My latest Christmas tradition is in collaboration with Satsumas Thrifty Christmas Campaign and I will be making my partner a homemade advent calendar, who doesn’t love a thrifty christmas?! For more thrifty Christmas ideas, why not check out Satsumas thrifty Christmas ideas, go on take a peek here.  I have wanted to make one for years but never got round to it. But this year I have been super organised and it didn’t take half as long as I thought it would and its totally up to you how much money you spend on it.

What I love about making a advent calendar is you can make it as fancy or simple as you want, you can personalise it, for the person you are making it for and you can even colour coordinate it to your Christmas theme. I used chocolate as the daily treats but you can add anything you want, you could use make up, candle melts or mini bath bombs, if you are feeling extra creative you could write 24 letters, make coupons or use it as a treasure trail.


What you will need :-

  • 24 little gifts, I used Christmas chocolates.
  • 24 mini pegs.
  • 24 gift tags.
  • Cute string
  • Christmas decorations.
  • Christmas wrapping paper.
  • Cork board or large picture frame.
  • Stapler & cellotape.

( I went into wilkos and they had everything I needed, and super cheap.)


I bought 30 Christmas chocolates so I had something sweet to eat while I made the calendar, I also put elf on the television to get me in the Christmas mood.


What you will need to do :-

First you will need to get your cork board ready, I used some old material and wrapped it around, holding it in place with staples ( this isn’t necessarily, I just did it to give it some extra padding. Then I wrapped the whole thing in some pretty Christmas wrapping paper.

Now for the string, depending on what size board you have, you need to work out how many rows you will need. I went for three rows of eight ( 24 is a great number to divide so it’s really up to and how you want your advent calendar to look ). Make the string tighter than you think, the weight of the treats will make it drop slightly.

Once your board is ready its time to wrap each treat, when wrapping remember to add a lip to the paper as a way of pegging it to the string. Once everything is wrapped try arranging it on the board to see how it fits before committing to the tags. Once your happy with the lay out its time to add the tags, now I just wrote on each one but you could use a stamp, stickers or add little drawings. You can make them as fancy or simple as you like.

Now peg the gifts on and if you like add some little decorations, I found some glitter snowflakes and used double sided tape to stick them around the edge of the board. If you are making this for a child you could add their name.


And there you have it, a homemade advert calendar the perfect start to a wonderful Christmas. This was the first time I have ever made a advent calendar and its safe to say a new Christmas tradition has now started in our home.


Is it wrong that I want to make one for myself now?!


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